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App Prototype

TradeHop is a startup that allowed people with limited knowledge of the stock market, buy and sell trade options. After getting buy-in from TD Ameritrade, the next step was to create a prototype. Calling upon our team's UX and UI designers, we created a prototype that they were able to present to TD Ameritrade.

TradeHop is an app that was created to make day trading simple and easy for anyone. Our team created an app that would all the user to sign in with the TD Ameritrade account information. Once signed in, the user could swipe left or right on suggested stock options or they could search to find their specific stock. 


After selecting their stock, the user could watch how it was performing throughout the day. Seeing the highs and lows of the stock made it easy for the user to decide when to buy or sell that particular stock option.


We also included a social aspect to the app, allowing trusted advisors to communicate directly to other users. Offering tips or sharing recently purchased stock options. Users could also connect with other users and see what they were purchasing, as well as sharing any recent purchases they had made. Creating a trusted network of your acquaintances to share stock information with.


The end result was a high fidelity prototype that the client was able to demo to TD Ameritrade. 

My Role

Design Lead

• Research

• Prototyping

• Wireframing

• UI Design

• Visual Design




Co-creating with customers

We involved customers early in the process by facilitating testing sessions and conducting quick surveys in the field. Insights from these sessions helped us to iterate quickly and test different solutions with the customers.


Designing with research

We interviewed numerous types of users and the client and created multiple user stories based on those conversations. These user stories enabled us to design with both the user and the client in mind and make sure we hit everyone's needs.


Gamifying the app

Understanding what aspects of social media and typical gaming we could incorporate in the app to make it feel safe, trusted, and addictive. 

I'm happy to discuss more about design challenges and learnings in person, so don't hesitate to get in touch via email.

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