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Louisville Gas & Electric is a utility company based in Louisville, Kentucky. LG&E serves over 350,000 electric and over 300,000 natural gas customers, covers an area of 700 square miles, and has a total regulated electric generation capacity of 3,514 megawatts.

Sour Mash Tours


Sour Mash Tours is Louisville's only guided, walking bourbon tasting experience. They offer an expansive and interactive tasting experience that no single distillery can provide, all while getting you acquainted with Louisville neighborhoods known for their unique bars and restaurants.

Sour Mash Tours approached me to create an identity for their new business.  I wanted to capture the uniqueness that they were offering with the tours, but still, incorporate the ruggedness that goes along with the bourbon industry.


After meeting with the client, I was able to get an idea of what their vision was for their company. As usual, I applied my UX designer skills to do a deep dive into research to see what already existed and to see what other artwork for alcohol-related companies existed.


Once I had some ideas put together, I started sketching them out on paper. Consulting with the client, we were able to narrow down their logo to a few top choices. Next, I went into the computer and started created those logos in black and white first. I find that its easier for the client to see the logo in black and white first, as they don't get distracted by colors early on. 


The client was very pleased with the direction that I was taking the logo, and I finally added color and type. The logo is a simple glass showing bourbon on the rocks and celebratory clinking of the glasses. I also created a simple icon that they can use in various places for social media.

My Role


• Sketching

• Branding

• Visual Design

I'm happy to discuss more about design challenges and learnings in person, so don't hesitate to get in touch via email.

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