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I am a senior freelance designer.

I am a creative graphic designer. I have helped many startups and established businesses by improving their products. I specialize in Brand Identity, UI Design, Product Design, and graphic design.

About me

At this time, I am a  freelance designer, focused on branding, visual design, and product design. I have experience in both UX and UI, my main focus is 
UI design. I enjoy creating pixel-perfect digital designs and shaping everything
the end-user sees. With experience in both UX and UI design, I'm passionate
about merging the art of visual design with the complex science of human
interaction to create digital products that make an impact.

Starting my career in Louisville over a decade ago, I've worked for several startups doing everything from Branding, Graphic Design, UI/UX Design, Print Collateral, Website Design, Mobile Design, and Software Applications. I'm always interested in new projects and ideas, so shoot me a message and let's have a chat about your business needs.

Find me on LinkedIn for my working resume and history.

My Process


UX Design

Wireframes, storyboards, and user flow diagrams
are the tools of the trade
for a UX designer. These tools are an integral part
of mapping out the
user experience.


UI Design

I design clean
modern user
for interactive media, resulting in
end-user experiences
that are beautiful
and intuitive.



Part of my design process involves getting feedback from the client or end-users. I iterate on designs as much as possible, so that I know the final solution is the best one!



What’s better
than a beautifully-designed concept? One that
you can actually touch,
click through, and
test before

development starts.

Contact Me

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