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MailHaven is a smart mailbox that tracks and protects your packages. The MailHaven app for iOS allows you to manage your online purchases and track your shipments – all in one place. When used along with the MailHaven smart mailbox, you unlock the ultimate online shopping experience with automatic tracking, protection from the elements, and notifications the instant your package arrives.

MailHaven is a start-up company that is trying to protect your online purchases. They have engineered a mailbox that will secure your packages until you get home, and an app that lets you know they were delivered.


MailHaven was experiencing quick growth and realized that their identity and branding needed some attention. To kick off this branding project I first sat down with key players from MailHaven. After the interview, it was clear that the client wanted a clean, simple design, and one that could communicate quickly who they were and what they did.


The next step in my UX designer process was to do some digging on the internet. See what already existed in the space, who our competitors might be, and what other people had done or were doing. After that, began the fun part, sketching out some ideas that had started popping into my head. Sketching for me is a vital part of the design phase. It is a fast way to get some ideas down on paper, and then quickly trash them, and move on to other ideas. Once I had accumulated enough solid sketched logo concepts, I checked in with the client to make sure I was headed in the right direction.


The client narrowed down my raw sketches to just a few, this is when I feel comfortable moving to the computer. I like starting the logo process on the computer in black and white. It's easier for the client to really focus on what the design is conveying, rather than them getting stuck on "the right colors" or super visual flairs. I show the logos to the client again and have them narrow their options down again.


As the client is getting closer to selecting their final logo, I introduce color and type options. When the client has approved the final logo, we are then able to move forward with the rest of their identity pieces (business cards, brochure, and finally the website). 


The end result is a logo that the client loves, the client feels like part of the process,  and now they have a logo that truly represents their brand.

My Role

Design Lead

• Research

Visual Design
• UI Design

• Sketching

• Branding



I'm happy to discuss more about design challenges and learnings in person, so don't hesitate to get in touch via email.

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