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Identity Work and Website

Screenarino makes it easy to send web content to screens through Slack. With uses ranging from playful to practical, Screenarino can be used to display content like restaurant menus, bar specials, analytics dashboards, event wayfinding, and anything else accessible through a URL.

Screenarino is an internal application that the developers at Forest Giant created to be used by just about anyone with the Slack app. What they had was a great application that would allow anyone with a monitor the ability to create digital signage, but what they needed was a logo that would make them stand out.

I started by doing a competitive analysis of existing Slack apps that were similar to Screenarino. Once I had a good understanding of the space that Screenarino would live in, I then started sketching out various logos ideas. Choosing my favorite sketches, I moved them to the computer to start refining them. I presented my logos to the team to get their feedback, and worked on making iterations to some of the crowd favorites. 

I added animation to the final piece to further demonstrate the application's capabilities.

My Role

Design Lead

• Branding

• Visual Design

• Animation

• UI Design



Working Logos

Website UI

I'm happy to discuss more design challenges and learnings in person, so don't hesitate to get in touch via email.

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