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Schneider Electric

Discovery and Initial Transformation Pitch

Schneider Electric contacted our team to help them update their Resource Advisor UI that was currently still running in Flash. Knowing that Flash was on the way out and that it would no longer be supported, they needed a solution that would be more intuitive for the user and easy to maintain in the future.


I lead a quick UX discovery phase that included user interviews with SMEs from Schneider Electric, while also conducting a Usability and Heuristics Review of their current site. I highlighted areas on their site that would be quick improvements and helped Schneider Electric prioritize those goals. We also created targets for larger goals that would happen in an upcoming phase.

After presenting my findings to the client we agree on creating mockups for an updated UI that would allow the user to better understand the product that Schneider Electric was offering. I created polished high res prototypes that showcased all the suggested changes from my Usability and Heuristics Review. The final results were beautiful screens that were outside of Flash and were intuitive to the user.

My Role

Design Lead

• UX Lead


• Usability Test

• UI Design


• Prototyping

• Heuristics Review


Usability and Heuristic Review

I conducted a Usability and Heuristic Review on Schneider Electrics current Resource Advisor tool. I created a document that highlighted areas of improvement. This gave us attainable goals that we could prioritize and help lead the charge into the high res UI designs.


Co-creating with customers

I worked directly with SMEs at Schneider Electric to understand their current problem with their Resource Advisor tool. I lead them in a review of their current problem areas and showed them how they could make small to large improvements on their site.

Resource Advisor Before

Schneider Electric Resource Advisor Before

Schneider Electric Flash Resource Advisor Before

Usability and Heuristics Review

Proposed Improved UI

I'm happy to discuss more about design challenges and learnings in person, so don't hesitate to get in touch via email.

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