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ARC Settlement Transformation

Design System & Portal Design

ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation) came to us to help them update their Settlement portion of their Design System. For ARC, Settlement is when they push money to either the airlines or the travel agencies that have purchased the airline tickets. This ticketing system was very archaic and included paper tickets with information spread out in multiple areas. After meeting with SMEs and users from both the Airline and Travel Agency side, we brainstormed a digital solution to create a more streamlined approach to moving money from one user to the other.


Our balanced team collaborated closely with ARC over a short discovery phase to find out ways that we could possibly update this system to be streamlined and environmentally friendly. We worked closely with our ARC Design System team to create a solution that would fit the constraints that they were building for ARC's site-wide transformation.

I worked closely with a UX Researcher to lead the UI design vision for this responsive web application. I also assisted the UX Researcher in various workshops, conducted customer validation interviews, user stories, and user testing of our application.

My Role

Design Lead

• Research


• Wireframing

• UI Design


• Prototyping

• User flows


Designing for accessibility

ARC is a government-regulated company with a diverse customer base, which meant a large part of our work was ensuring that the digital products we built were accessible and followed the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).


Co-creating with customers

We involved customers early in the process by facilitating testing sessions and conducting quick surveys in the field. Insights from these sessions helped us to iterate quickly and test different solutions with the customers.


Designing with research

We interviewed numerous users and SMEs and created multiple user stories based on those conversations. These user stories enabled us to design with both the user and the client in mind and make sure we hit everyone's needs.

ARC Settlement User Stories

ARC Settlement Prioritized User Stories

Note: Since the project is still being implemented, I cannot share more than mockups at this time. I'm happy to discuss more about design challenges and learnings in person, so don't hesitate to get in touch via email.

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