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GE Aviation: MyGEA

Visualization of Data and Portal

GE Aviation had a lot of siloed information across several different platforms. Not only was this information spread out all over the place, but it was also very dense and hard for anyone to fully understand. They came to us to help them create an intuitive user experience that would showcase all of their data, and combine it into a single portal experience. Allowing the user to have a single login that they could use to access all the information that they needed to review.


We purposed to GE that they create a single login portal that would contain all the information about engine maintenance. It would allow users to look up warranties, post bulletins, service engines, request engine parts, and predict engine maintenance. By having all this information in one place and easily accessible to the users, GE is able to predict when a plane needs service and eliminate any unforeseen downtime. This keeps more planes in the air, less canceled flights due to maintenance, and saves the company money.

Over the course of a year, we learned the ins and outs of aviation and I worked with a balanced team to understand the problem and frame the solution. I led the UI design vision for this responsive portal and communicated frequently with key stakeholders from GE Aviation. 

I'm happy to discuss more about design challenges and learnings in person, so don't hesitate to get in touch via email.

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