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2008-01-23   DAR Constitution Hall Washington DC
01.Exactly Where I'm At 
02.Pork Roll Egg & Cheese 
03.Spinal Menengitis 
04.Bananas & Blow 
05.Learning to Love 
06.Voodoo Lady 
07.Back to Basom 
08.With My Own Bare Hands 
09.Take Me Away 
10.Transdermal Celebration 
11.Waving My Dick in the Wind 
13.Touch My Tooter 
14.I've Got to Put the Hammer Down 
16.Buckingham Green 
17.Your Party 
18.Beacon Light 
19.Johnny on the Spot 
21.Roses are Free 
23.The Mollusk 
24.Did You See Me? 
25.Ocean Man 
26.Doctor Rock 
29.Mr. Richard Smoker 
30.Miser Would You Please Help My Pony 
31.Stroker Ace 
32.You Fucked Up 
2008-01-24   Toad's Place Richmond, VA
01 Intro/tuning 
02 The HIV Song 
03 Golden Eel 
04 Stallion 3 
05 Piss up a Rope 
06 Bananas and Blow 
07 Learning Love 
08 Voodoo Lady 
09 Best Time at Your Party 
10 Take Me Away 
11 Gabrielle 
12 Even If You Don't 
13 Pandy 
14 Buckingham Green 
15 Spinal Meningitis 
16 Bare Hands 
17 Baby Bitch 
01 Final Alarm 
02 Object 
03 Touch My Tooter 
04 Don't Get to Close 
05 Woman and Man 
06 The Mollusk 
07 Ocean Man 
08 Fat Lenny 
09 Dr. Rock 
10 Fiesta 
11 Big Jilm 
12 Sorry Charlie 
13 Booze Me Up 
14 Fluffy
2008-01-25   Carolina Theatre Durham, NC  
01 Nan 
02 Take Me Away 
03 The Grobe 
04 Transdermal Celebration 
05 Bananas & Blow 
06 Spinal Meningitis 
07 Happy Colored Marbles 
08 Zoloft 
09 Your Party 
10 Voodoo Lady 
11 Albino Sunburned Girl 
12 Piss Up A Rope 
13 Stallion Pt.5 
14 Puerto Rican Power 
15 Object 
16 Touch My Tooter 
17 Buckingham Green 
18 Captain 
19 Tried & True * (acoustic)
20 Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain * (acoustic)
21 Mutilated Lips * (acoustic)
22 I Don't Want It * (acoustic)
23 Dr Rock 
24 Fiesta 
25 Mollusk 
26 Poopship Destroyer 
2008-01-26   House of Blues Myrtle Beach, SC
01. Intro > 
02. Pork Roll Egg and Cheese 
03. Spinal Meningitis Got Me Down 
04. Happy Colored Marbles 
05. Piss Up a Rope 
06. Learnin' To Love 
07. Take Me Away 
08. The Grobe 
09. Even if You Don't 
10. Voodoo Lady 
11. Your Party 
12. Buckingham Green 
13. You Were the fool 
14. Light Me Up 
15. With My Own Bare Hands 
16. Captain Fantasy 
17. Stroker Ace 
18. Touch my Tooter 
19. I'll Be Your Johnny on the Spot 
20. Object 
21. Lullaby 
22. Waving my Dick in the Wind 
23. Tick 
24. Doctor Rock 
25. Did you See Me? 
26. Mollusk 
27. What was Deaner Talking About? 
28. Roses Are Free  
29.. Fiesta
30. Mr. Richard Smoker 
31. Mr. Would You Please Help My Pony? 
32. Bananas & Blow 
33. I've Got to Put the Hammer Down 
34. Someday
2008-01-28   Georgia Theater Athens, GA
1. Exactly Where I'm At 
2. She Wanted to Leave 
3. The HIV Song
4. Spinal Meningitis
5. Bananas and Blow 
6. Learnin to Live 
7. Voodoo Lady 
8. At Your Party 
9. Take Me Away 
10. Even if You Don't 
11. Waving my Dick in the Wind 
12. Touch my Tooter 
13. Pandy Fackler 
14. Buckingham Green 
15. Bare Hands 
16. Final Alarm 
17. Mutilated Lips 
18. Stroker Ace 
19. Gabrielle 
20. Johnny on the Spot 
21. Did You See Me 
22. The Mollusk 
23. Frank 
24. Booze Me Up 
25. Fat Lenny 
26. Licking the Palm For Guava >
27. Mushroom Festival in Hell 
28. You Fucked Up 
29. Fiesta 
30. Blarney Stone 
2008-01-29   Tabernacle Atlanta, GA
Ice Castles 
The HIV Song
Golden Eel 
Stallion Pt. 3 
Bananas and Blow 
Learnin' to Love 
Voodoo Lady 
Transdermal Celebration 
Take Me Away 
Stroker Ace 
Buckingham Green 
My Own Bare Hands 
At Your Party 
Piss Up a Rope 
Don't Squeal on the Pusher 
Touch My Tooter 
Woman and Man 
Can't Put My Finger On It 
Ocean Man 
The Mollusk 
El Camino 
Buenos Tardes Amigo
Puerto Rican Power 
Dr. Rock 
2008-01-31   Hard Rock Live Orlando, FL
02.Take me away 
03.Freedom of 76 
04.Wavin my dick 
05.Even if u dont 
07.Your party 
08.Roses are Free 
09.Shes yer baby 
10.Light me up 
11.Exactly where I'm at 
12.With my own bare hands 
13.Dr rock 
14.Puerto rican power 
15.Stroker ace 
17.Powder blue 
19.You Were the Fool 
20.Happy Colored Marbles 
23.Learnin to love 
25.Ocean man 
28.Bananas and Blow 
29.Baby bitch 
30.Piss up a rope
2008-02-01   Jannus Landing St. Petersburg, FL
01.Ice Castles 
02.The HIV Song
03.Exactly Where I'm At 
04.Bananas & Blow 
05.Spinal Meningitis 
06.Voodoo Lady 
07.Take Me Away 
09.Mr richard Smoker 
10.Touch My Tooter 
12.Buckingham Green 
13.Your Party 
14.Own Bare Hands 
15.Learning To Love 
16.Waving My Dick In The Wind 
17.Sketches Of Winkle 
18.Even If You Don't 
19.Stroker Ace 
20.Woman & Man 
21.Help My Pony 
22.Pandy Fackler 
23.Ocean Man 
25.Big Jilm 
26.She Fucks Me 
28.Drifter In The Dark 
29.Piss Up A Rope 
30.Booze Me Up & Get Me High 
31.Ace Of Spades
2008-02-02   Revolution Ft. Lauderdale, FL
01.exactly where I'm at 
02.spinal I'm freaking out 
04.Bananas and blow 
05.learning to love 
06.take me away 
08.the grobe 
09.voodoo lady 
10.back to basom 
11.own bare hands alarm 
14.marble tulip 
15.your party 
16.light me up 
17.did u see me 
18.johnny on spot 
20.Touch my tooter 
21.Stroker ace 
22.Dr Rock 
26.roses are free
2008-02-25   Powerstation Auckland, New Zealand  

Exactly Where I'm At, Spinal Meningitis, Piss Up A Rope, Light Me Up, Learning To Love, Voodoo Lady, Mutilated Lips, Transdermal Celebration, Take Me Away, Nan, The Grobe, Object, Buckingham Green, Happy Colored Marbles, Bananas and Blow, Your Party, My Own Bare Hands, The Mollusk, Pandy Fackler, Mister Would You Please Help My Pony, Waving My Dick In The Wind, Touch My Tooter, Stroker Ace, Fat Lenny, Did You See Me, Roses Are Free, Zoloft, Ocean Man, Never Squeal On The Pusher
Encore1: Fiesta, I'll Be Your Johnny On The Spot, Gabrielle, Dr. Rock
Encore2: You Fucked Up, I Got To Put The Hammer Down, Someday

2008-02-26   San Francisco Bath House Wellington, New Zealand  
The HIV Song, The Golden Eel, The Stallion Part 3, Piss Up A Rope, Bananas and Blow, Learning To Love, Voodoo Lady, Your Party, Take Me Away, Gabrielle, Even If You Don't, Buckingham Green, Albino Sunburned Girl, Spinal Meningitis, My Own Bare Hands, Baby Bitch, The Final Alarm, Object, Touch My Tooter, Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy), Woman and Man, Awesome Sound, The Mollusk, Ocean Man, Sketches of Winkle, Dr Rock
Encore1: Fiesta, Mr Richard Smoker, Booze Me Up And Get Me High, Buenos Tardes Amigo
Encore2: Homo Rainbow, The Blarney Stone
2008-02-29   Tivoli Brisbane, Australia  

Buckingham Green
Spinal Meningitis
Bananas And Blow
Piss Up A Rope
Voodoo Lady
Your Party
Don't Get 2 Close 2 My Fantasy
Take Me Away
Transdermal Celebration
Even If You Don't
Exactly Where I'm At
Mutilated Lips
Roses Are Free
Learning To Love
My Own Bare Hands
Waving My Dick In The Wind
I'll Be Your Johnny On The Spot
Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?
Mr. Richard Smoker
Fat Lenny
Pandy Fackler
The Mollusk
Ocean Man
Stroker Ace
Touch My Tooter
Dr Rock

2008-03-01   Enmore Theatre Sydney, Australia  

Take Me Away
Transdermal Celebration
Waving My Dick In The Wind
Mr Richard Smoker
Learning To Love
Voodoo Lady
Your Party
Spinal Meningitis
Buckingham Green
Happy Colored Marbles
Back To Basom
My Own Bare Hands
Touch My Tooter
I'll Be Your Jonny On The Spot
Bananas And Blow
Piss Up A Rope
The Final Alarm
Booze Me Up And Get me High
The Mollusk
Ocean Man
Mister Would You Please Help My Pony?
You Fucked Up
Stroker Ace
The HIV Song
Buenas Tardes Amigo

2008-03-03   The Gov Adelaide, Australia  
Ice Castles
The HIV Song
Exactly Where I'm At
Bananas And Blow
Spinal Meningitis
Voodoo Lady
Take Me Away
Mr Richard Smoker
Perto Rican Power
Touch My Tooter
Buckingham Green
Your Party
My Own Bare Hands
Learning To Love
Waving My Dick In The Wind
Sketches Of Winkle
Even If You Don't
Stroker Ace
Woman And man
Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?
Pandy Fackler
I've Got To Put The Hammer Down
Roses Are Free
Birthday Boy (by request)
Stay Forever (also by request)
The Mollusk
She Wanted To Leave
Push Th' Little Daisies
Piss Up A Rope
Captain Fantasy
Hey There, Fancy Pants (acoustic)
Baby Bitch (acoustic)
Help Me Scrap The Mucus Off My Brain (for Claude, and also acoustic)
Squelch The Little Weasel (acoustic)
Never Squeal On The Pusher + Claude solo
Final jam with Mickey on drums, Dave on guitar, Aaron on megaphone, Claude on guitar and bass.
2008-03-04   Capitol Perth, Australia  
Take Me Away
Freedom Of '76
The Grobe
Transdermal Celebration
Bananas And Blow
Spinal Meningitis
Your Party
Voodoo Lady
Mutilated Lips
Piss Up A Rope
Beacon Light
The Stallion, Part Five
The Going Gets Tough From The Getgo
Touch My Tooter
Buckingham Green
Tried And True (acoustic)
Help Me Scrape The Musuc Off My Brain (acoustic)
The Mollusk (acoustic)
Slow Down Boy
I'll be Your Johnny On Th' Spot
Waving My Dick In The Wind
Dr Rock
I Can't Put My Finger On It (with Intro)
Stroker Ace
You Fucked Up (with end jam)
2008-03-06   The Forum Melbourne, Australia  

Exactly Where I'm At
She Wanted To Leave
The HIV Song
Golden Eel
Baby Bitch
Piss Up A Rope
Voodoo Lady
Your Party
Light Me Up
Waving My Dick In The Wind
Mister Richard Smoker
Touch My Tooter
Even If You Don't
Beacon Light
I'll Be Your Johnny On The Spot
Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?
Stallion Part Five
Fat Lenny
Tender Situation
The Mollusk
Pandy Fackler
I've Got To Put The Hammer Down
Ocean Man
Sketches Of Winkle
Sorry Charlie
Booze Me Up And Get Me High
The Blarney Stone

2008-03-07   The Forum Melbourne, Australia  
Take Me Away
Transdermal Celebration
Bananas And Blow
Learning To Love
Spinal Meningitis
Happy Colored Marbles
My Own Bare Hands
Buckingham Green
Mutilated Lips (acoustic)
Tried And True (acoustic)
Birthday Boy (acoustic)
Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain (acoustic)
What Deaner Was Talkin' About
Roses Are Free
Push Th' Little Daisies
Woman And Man
Stroker Ace
Dr Rock
Powder Blue
Papa Zit
Did You See Me?
A Tear For Eddie
Big Jilm (with Miggy on drums because Claude went for a piss)
You Fucked Up
I Can't Put My Finger On It Intro
I Can't Put My Finger On It
Never Squeal
Buenas Tardes Amigo
Awesome Sound
End Jam, with every member playing on the drum kit at end.
2008-03-08   Golden Plains Festival Meredith, Australia  
2008-03-10   Pipeline Cafe Honolulu, Hawaii  
1. pork roll egg & cheese
2. spinal meningitis
3. golden eel
4. Stallion pt3
5. happy colored marbles
6. piss up a rope
7. learnin to live
8. take me away
9. the grobe
10. even if you don't
11. voodoo lady
12. at your party
13. buckingham green
14. mutilated lips
15. bananas & blow

1. my own bare hands
2. dont get 2 close (2 my fantasy)
3. stroker ace
4. Touch my tooter
5. object
6. woman and man
7. zoloft
8. wavin my dick in the wind
9. Dr. Rock
10. Ocean man
11. Going gets tough from the getgo
12. mollusk
13. Roses Are Free(dean on gene's guitar)

1. Fiesta
2. Nan
3. Gabrielle
4. Ohio
5. mr richard smoker
6. pony
7. got a weasel
8. ol queen cole
9. tick
10. drifter in the dark
11. put the coke on my dick
12. johnny on the spot ->
13. dark star -> (Grateful Dead)
14. johnny on the spot
15. you fucked up
16. lmlyp
2008-05-08   Sheperd's Bush Empire London, England  
2008-05-09   All Tomorrow's Parties Festival Camber Sands, Rye, England  
after this show Deaner breaks both his feet scaling a fence, he plays the rest of the European tour sitting down with both his legs in casts...
2008-05-11   Maroquinerie Paris, France  

written setlist, not confirmed:
Transdermal Celebration
Take Me Away
Bananas & Blow
Learnin' To Love
Spinal Meningitis
Happy Colored Marbles
Buckingham Green
Voodoo Lady
Your Party
Light Me Up
Tried and True
Chocolate Town
The Mollusk
Roses Are Free
Push The Lil' Daisies
Woman and Man
Stroker Ace
Touch Me Tooter
Pandy Fackler
Ocean Man
Did You See Me?
Big Jilm
You Fucked Up
I Can't Put My Finger On It
Never Squeal On The Pusher

2008-05-12   Live Music Hall Koln, Germany  
Exactly Where I´m At 
She Wanted To Leave 
The HIV Song
Spinal Meningitis 
Bananas And Blow 
Learning To Love 
Piss Up A Rope 
With My Own Bare Hands 
Take Me Away 
Transdermal Celebration 
Touch My Tooter 
Voodoo Lady 
At Your Party 
Buckingham Green 
Final Alarm 
Mutilated Lips 
Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain 
Light Me Up 
The Mollusk 
Waving My Dick In The Wind 
Dr. Rock 
Mister Would You Please Help My Pony 
Ocean Man 
Mister Richard Smoker 
I´ll Be Your Johnny On The Spot 
Buenas Tardes Amigo 
Stroker Ace 
Booze Me Up 
The Blarney Stone
2008-05-14   Kaufleuten Zurich, Switzerland  
2008-05-15   Paradiso Amsterdam, Netherlands  
01 Exactly where I'm at 
02 Spinal meningitis 
03 The golden eel 
04 Happy colored marbles 
05 Bananas and blow 
06 Learning to love 
07 Take me away 
08 The grobe 
09 Mister, would you please help my pony 
10 Voodoo lady 
11 Your party 
12 Buckingham green 
13 Baby bitch 
14 Light me up (before you kill me) 
15 My own bare hands 
16 The stallion pt. 5 
17 Stroker ace 
18 Touch my tooter 
19 Object 
20 Woman and man 
21 Zoloft 
22 Waving my dick in the wind 
23 Dr Rock 
24 Did you see me 
25 The mollusk 
26 Ocean man 
27 Fiesta 
28 Squelch the little weasel 
29 El camino 
30 Licking the palm for guava 
31 Mushroom festival in hell 
32 Gabrielle 
33 Someday
2008-05-17   The Village Dublin, Ireland  
2008-07-07   Mr. Smalls Millvale, PA
1. Intro 
2. Fiesta 
3. Nan 
4. Transdermal celebration 
5. Take Me Away 
6. Bananas and Blow 
7. Learnin' To Love 
8. Spinal Meningitis 
9. Old Queen Cole 
10. Happy Colored Marbles 
11. Zoloft 
12. Buckingham Green 
13. My Own Bare Hands 
14. Voodoo Lady 
15. At Your Party 
16. Light Me Up 
1. Licking The Palm For Guava > Mushroom Festival In Hell 
2. crowd 
3. Mollusk 
4. Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain 
5. You Were The Fool 
6. Boys Club (tease) 
7. Flutes Of Chi 
8. Push th' Little Daisies 
9. Mister Would You Please Help My Pony 
10. Woman and Man 
11. Smoke On The Water (tease) 
12. Stroker Ace 
13. Touch My Tooter 
14. Object 
15. Pandy Fackler 
16. Ocean Man 
1. Did You See Me 
2. Big Jilm 
3. You Fucked Up 
4. Common Bitch (Dave on guitar; Deaner on bass) 
5. LMLYP > 
6. Maggot Brain (Funkadelic)
2008-07-08   Coyote's Louisville, KY
1. Intro 
2. Exactly Where I'm At 
3. Take Me Away 
4. The Grobe 
5. Even If You Don't 
6. Learnin' To Love 
7. Voodoo Lady 
8. My Own Bare Hands 
9. Mutilated Lips 
10. Buckingham Green 
11. Spinal Meningitis 
12. Your Party 
13. Stallion Pt 5 
14. Touch My Tooter 
15. Object 
16. Gabrielle 
17. Johnny On The Spot 
18. Frank 
19. The Mollusk 
20. The Argus 
21. Back To Basom 
22. Booze Me Up & Get Me High 
23. Ocean Man 
24. Waving My Dick In The Wind 
25. Fat Lenny 
26. Zoloft 
27. Someday 
28. Fiesta 
29. Doctor Rock 
30. The HIV Song
31. Bananas & Blow 
32. Laura (19 minutes!) 
2008-07-09   City Hall Nashville, TN
1) Intro 
2) Don't Shit Where You Eat 
3) Take Me Away 
4) Transdermal Celebration 
5) Learnin' To Love 
6) Bananas & Blow 
7) Roses Are Free 
8) Beacon Light 
9) Flutes Of Chi 
10) Voodoo Lady 
11) Your Party 
12) Gabrielle 
13) Touch My Tooter 
14) Object 
15) Woman And Man 
1) Powder Blue * (w/ Bobby Ogden on keys)
2) Mr. Richard Smoker* (w/ Bobby Ogden on keys)
3) Buckingham Green 
4) My Own Bare Hands 
5) Light Me up 
6) The Mollusk 
7) Springtheme 
8) Ocean Man 
9) Waving My Dick In The Wind 
10) Sorry Charlie 
11) Stroker Ace 
12) You Fucked Up 
13) Audience 
14) Fiesta 
15) Puerto Rican Power 
16) El Camino 
17) Buenas Tardes Amigo 
*- w / Bobby Ogden 
2008-07-11   Arkansas Music Pavilion Fayetteville, AK
1) Intro 
2) The HIV Song 
3) The Golden Eel 
4) Bananas & Blow 
5) Learnin' To Love 
6) Take Me Away 
7) Waving My Dick In The Wind 
8) Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy) 
9) Woman & Man 
10) Zoloft 
11) Pork Roll Egg & Cheese 
12) Light Me Up 
13) Buckingham Green 
14) At Your Party 
1) Tear For Eddie 
2) The Argus 
3) Spinal Meningitis 
4) I'll Be Your Johnny On The Spot 
5) Touch My Tooter 
6) Object 
7) Pandy Fackler 
8) Boy's Club 
9) Chocolate Town 
10) Tried And True 
1) Mutilated Lips 
2) The Mollusk 
3) Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain 
4) Cover It With Gas & Set It On Fire 
5) Licking The Palm For Guava > 
6) Mushroom Festival In Hell 
7) audience 
8) Did You See Me 
9) The Enabler 
10) Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony? 
11) The Blarney Stone 
12) Shamemaker > 
13) Fiesta 
2008-07-12   Cain's Ballroom Tulsa, OK
1) Intro 
2) Piss Up A Rope 
3) The HIV Song 
4) Bananas & Blow 
5) Learnin' To Love 
6) Take Me Away 
7) Transdermal Celebration 
8) The Grobe 
9) Object 
10) Voodoo Lady 
11) Albino Sunburned Girl 
12) Buckingham Green 
13) My Own Bare Hands 
14) Happy Colored Marbles 
15) Flutes Of Chi 
16) Your Party 
17) Exactly Where I'm At 
18) Roses Are Free 
19) She's Your Baby 
20) Stroker Ace 
21) Touch My Tooter 
22) Gabrielle 
23) Woman & Man 
24) Chant > I Can't Put My Finger On It 
25) Slow Down Boy 
26) Frank 
27) The Mollusk (Deaner on drums/Claude on guitar) 
28) Fiesta 
29) Never Squeal On The Pusher 
31) Poopship Destroyer 
32) Ace Of Spades (Motorhead)
2008-07-13   Crossroads KC Kansas City, KS
01. Exactly where I'm at 
02. She wanted to Leave 
03. Bananas & Blow 
04. Now I'm Freaking Out 
05. Spinal Meningitis 
06. Voodoo Lady 
07. Mutilated Lips 
08. Take Me Away 
09. Gabrielle 
10. Mr. Richard Smoker 
11. Touch My Tooter 
12. Object 
13. Buckingham Green 
14. At Your Party 
15. My Own Bare Hands 
16. Learning to Love 
17. Waving My Dick in the Wind 
18. Sketches of Winkle 
19. Even if you Don't 
20. Stroker Ace 
21. Woman & Man 
22. Did you see me? 
23. Please help my pony 
24. Got To Put The Hammer Down  
25. Mollusk 
26. Someday

27. Drifter in the Dark 
28. Booze Me Up & Get Me High 
29. Shamemaker 
30. Fiesta 
2008-07-13   Midwestern Musical Company (aftershow) Kansas City, KS Band of Boognish (Deaner, Claude, Dave, Glenn, without Gener)
Manic Depression (Hendrix)
Superstar (Carpenters)
Never Can Say Goodbye (The Jackson 5)
Green Onions (Booker T and the MG's)
Sing A Simple Song (Sly and the Family Stone)
Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On (Funkadelic)
James Brown song >
Blues Jam >
Dazed and Confused (Led Zeppelin)
Hey Joe (Hendrix)
Wonderful Tonight > (deaner on vocals) (Clapton)
Cocaine (deaner on vocals (Clapton)
One Way Out (deaner on vocals) (Allman Brothers Band)
I Want to Take You Higher (Sly & The Family Stone)
Who Knows (Hendrix)
Black Magic Woman (Santana)
Oye Como Va (Santana
We were just about to leave Crossroads when this dude in overalls and a straw hat came up to my buddy and says "didja
like that?" Then he proceeds to say that the band is setting up in a guitar store on the corner. We wander over and there are maybe 40 or 50 people hanging outside. There is loud music inside and a security guard at the door. I went up to Kirk and asked him what the deal was and he just smiled, shrugged, and said it was a private aftershow. 2 minutes later the guard opened the door and said "no beer inside".
There were at most 100 people there with room for about 50 more. The owner (?) of the place was handing out beers up front. Deaner was WASTED. My girl hugged him after it was all over and he fell into her arms. She had to hold him up for a few seconds there...
12:00 to about 1:40 am. Total Rock Chaos. Deaner sang Wonderful Tonight through One Way Out, otherwise the
audience handled the vocals all night. Glenn was on a B3 in the crowd and could not see the band. He had 3 women absolutely hanging off of him all night. Mickey kept taking off his guitar and putting it on the ground, Dave would pick it up and put it back on him. That was some funny shit.
They were all 'jams' too, except for Dazed, Wonderful, which were right along with what yiou'd hear on a record!!! All the
rest went on and on. The whole thing was freakishly hot.
2008-07-15   Hodi's Half Note Fort Collins, CO Free Myspace Secret Show
1. Nan
2. Take me away 
3. The Grobe 
4. Transdermal celebration 
5. Piss up a rope 
6. Learnin' to love 
7. Light me up 
8. Voodoo lady 
9. Albino sunburned girl 
10. Final alarm 
11. Spinal meningitis 
12. At Your party 
13. Object 
14. Gabrielle 
15. Touch my tooter 
16. Stallion pt 5 
17. Tick 
18. Springtheme 
19. Buckingham green 
20. My own bare hands 
21. Booze me up & get me high 
22. Doctor rock 
23. Demon sweat 
24. Pandy fickler 
25. Ocean man 
26. Goin gets tough from the getgo 
27. Johnny on the spot 
28. Sweet texas fire 
29. Mister Would You Please Help my pony 
30. Baby Bitch 
31. Sorry Charlie 
32. She Fucks Me 
33. Dancin' In the Show Tonight 
34. Bananas and blow 
35. Shamemaker 
36. Fiesta 
37. Put the coke on my dick 
38. Superstar (The Carpenters)
2008-07-16   The Fillmore Denver, CO
Exactly Where I'm At 
The HIV Song  
Ice Castles 
Golden Eel 
The Stallion (Pt. 3) 
Voodoo Lady 
At Your Party 
Light Me Up 
The Argus 
Waving My Dick 
Mr. Richard Smoker 
Touch My Tooter 
Even if You Don't 
Beacon Light 
Flutes of Chi 
Johnny on the Spot 
Mr. Would You Please Help My Pony 
The Stallion (Pt. 5) 
Final Alarm 
Tender Situation 
Pandy Fackler
Got To Put The Hammer Down 
Captain Fantasy 
You Fucked Up 
Ocean Man 
Poopship Destroyer
2008-07-17   The Fillmore Denver, CO
01. Intro 
02. What Deaner Was Talkin' About 
03. Piss Up a Rope 
04. Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down) 
05. Bananas and Blow 
06. Learnin' to Love 
07. Take Me Away 
08. Transdermal Celebration 
09. Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy) 
10. Woman and Man 
11. Happy Colored Marbles 
12. My Own Bare Hands 
13. Roses Are Free 
14. Your Party 
15. Push Th' Little Daisies 
16. Stay Forever 
17. Stroker Ace 
18. Gabrielle 
19. Dr. Rock 
20. Did You See Me? 
21. Joppa Road* 
22. Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My Brain* 
23. You Were The Fool* 
24. Mutilated Lips* 
25. Back to Basom* 
26. Squelch the Weasel* 
27. Buenos Tardes Amigos* 
28. Going Gets Tough 
29. I'm in the Mood to Move 
30. Enabler 
31. Big Jilm 
32. Awesome Sound 
33. Squeal on the Pusher > 
34. Drums^ 

* Acoustic 
^ band tries to go back into Squeal but Claude keeps soloing and eventually they destroy his drumkit.
2008-07-19   Roy Wilkins Auditorium St. Paul, MN
01.  Intro 
02.  Pork Roll Egg & Cheese 
03.  Spinal Meningitis 
04.  Golden Eel 
05.  Happy Colored Marbles 
06.  Piss Up A Rope 
07.  Learning To Live 
08.  Take Me Away 
09.  The Grobe 
10.  Even If You Don't 
11.  Voodoo Lady 
12.  At Your Party 
13.  Buckingham Green 
14.  Back To Basom 
15.  Bananas & Blow 
16.  With My Own Bare Hands 
17.  Nan 
18.  Object 
19.  Woman and Man 
20.  Zoloft 
21.  Wavin' My Dick In The Wind 
22.  Stroker Ace 
23.  Dr. Rock 
24. Green Eyed Lady tease 
25.  Mollusk 
26.  Final Alarm 
27.  Going Gets Tough From The Get Go 
28.  Blarney Stone 
29.  Ace Of Spades (Motorhead)
30.  I Can't Put My Finger On It  
31.  Fiesta 
32.  You Fucked Up 
33.  Feedback Jam *
* Gene, then Dean on drums, Claude on bass.  Dean trashes drum kit 
2008-07-20   Stir Cove Council Bluffs, IA
Take Me Away 
Wavin' My Dick 
Mr. Richard Smoker 
Learning to Live 
Voodoo Lady 
Your Party 
Spinal Meningitis 
Buckingham Green 
Happy Colored Marbles 
Mutilated Lips 
Touch My Tooter 
Johnny on the Spot 
Bananas and Blow 
Final Alarm 
Booze me up and get me High 
Pandy Fackler 
Ocean Man 
Please Help My Pony 
Fat Lenny 
The HIV Song
Homo Rainbow 
Roses are Free 
2008-07-25   McCarren Pool Brooklyn, NY
1. intro 
2. Exactly Where I'm At 
3. Take Me Away 
4. Transdermal Celebration 
5. Nan 
6. Even If You Don't 
7. Learnin' to Love 
8. Voodoo Lady 
9. With My Own Bare Hands 
10. Mutilated Lips 
11. Marble Tulip Juicy Tree 
12. Buckingham Green 
13. Spinal Meningitis 
14. Your Party 
15. Stallion pt. V 
16. Touch My Tooter 
17. Gabrielle 
18. Johnny On the Spot 
19. Frank 
20. Mollusk 
21. Booze Me Up and Get Me High 
22. The Argus 
23. Ocean Man 
24. Wavin' My Dick In the Wind 
25. Mr. Richard Smoker 
26. Fat Lenny 
27. Zoloft 
28. Someday 
29. Shamemaker 
30. Fiesta 
31. The HIV Song 
32. Bananas and Blow 
33. You Fucked Up > Hey Joe 
34. Dr. Rock 
2008-12-10   Mexicali Blues Cafe Teaneck, NJ Gene Ween Band
01. Mountains and Buffalo 
02. Stallion Pt. 4 
03. Kite Flying Man 
04. Kansas City Star (Roger Miller) 
05. Boing 
06. I Fell In Love Today 
07. Blue Balloon 
08. Mr. Sandman (Pat Ballard / The Chordettes) 
09. Ooh Va La 
10. It's Not Cool 
11. Gener's Gone 
12. Baby Don't Be Afraid 
13. It Freaks Me Out 
14. Girl Don't Tell Me (Beach Boys) 
01. crowd / intro 
02. DC Won't Do You No Good
03. Let's Get Divorced [Dave on tuba] 
04. Eye In the Sky (Alan Parsons Project) 
05. Wild Ride (Instant Death) 
06. Little Sisters of the Poor (Instant Death) 
07. Memory of a Free Festival (David Bowie) 
08. Hang Onto Yourself (David Bowie) 
09. The Chancy Boys 
2008-12-11   Recher Theater Baltimore, MD Gene Ween Band
01. Intro 
02. The Chancy Boys 
03. DC Won't Do You No Good
04. Greg the Bunny 
05. Baby Don't Be Afraid 
06. It Freaks Me Out 
07. Band Introduction 
08. I'll Miss Uou 
09. Kite Flying Man 
10. It's Not Cool 
11. Boing 
12. Kansas City Star (Roger Miller)
13. Mr. Sandman (Pat Ballard / The Chordettes)
14. Finders Keepers (Instant Death)
15. Fred (Instant Death)
16. Now be Thankful (Fairport Convention)
17. Blue Balloon 
01. Let's Get Divorced 
02. Girl Don't Tell Me (Beach Boys)
03. Gener's Gone 
04. Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel)
05. Crowd 
06. Thanks and Praises 
07. Hang Onto Yourself (David Bowie)
08. Stallion pt. IV 
09. Mountains and Buffalo 
10. Memory of a Free Festival (David Bowie)
2008-12-12   Black Cat Washington DC Gene Ween Band
01. Intro 
02. It's Not Cool 
03. Thanks and Praises
04. Band Introduction 
05. Blue Balloon 
06. Kite Flying Man 
07. Stallion pt. IV 
08. DC Weekend
09. Stay with Me Daddy 
10. Now be Thankful (Fairport Convention)
11. Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel)
12. I Fell in Love Today 
13. Mr. Sandman (Pat Ballard / The Chordettes)
14. Kansas City Star (Roger Miller)
15. Baby Don't Be Afraid 
01. Boing 
02. Memory of a Free Festival (David Bowie)
03. Hang Onto Yourself (David Bowie)
04. Wild Ride (Instant Death)
05. Like You Know (Instant Death)
06. Mountains and Buffalo 
07. The Chancy Boys 
08. Crowd 
09. Let's Get Divorced 
10. Eye In the Sky (Alan Parsons Project)
11. It Freaks Me Out 
12. So Long Jerry 
13. Greg the Bunny 
2008-12-13   Stone Pony Asbury Park, NJ Gene Ween Band
1. intro 
2. Girl Don't Tell Me (Beach Boys)
3. Ooh Va La 
4. Blue Balloon 
5. Baby Don't Be Afraid 
6. It Freaks Me Out 
7. Mountains and Buffalo 
8. Now Be Thankful (Fairport Convention)
9. Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel)
10. Stay With Me Daddy 
11. Kite Flying Man 
12. D.C. Weekend
13. Let's Get Divorced 
14. Mr. Sandman (Pat Ballard / The Chordettes)
15. Kansas City Star (Roger Miller)
16. Finders/Keepers (Instant Death)
17. Little Sisters of the Poor (Instant Death)
18. Wild Ride (Instant Death)
19. Hang Onto Yourself (David Bowie)
20. Stallion Pt. IV 
21. Thanks and Praises 
22. I Fell In Love Today 
23. Leaf of Fall (Chris Harford)
24. The Chancy Boys 
25. Memory of a Free Festival (David Bowie)
2008-12-16   World Cafe Live Philadelphia, PA Gene Ween Band
CANCELLED, Gener got pneumonia
2008-12-16   Barbary (aftershow) Philadelphia, PA Gene Ween Band
CANCELLED, Gener got pneumonia
2008-12-17   Music Hall of Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY Gene Ween Band
CANCELLED, Gener got pneumonia
2008-12-18   Highline Ballroom New York City, NY Gene Ween Band
CANCELLED, Gener got pneumonia