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2007-01-18 Off Broadway Theatre Hopewell, NJ Gene Ween & Dave Driewitz

1. Intro
2. Among His Tribe
3. What Deaner Was Talkin About
4. Ooh Va Lah
5. Flutes Of The Chi
6. Alone (1st time played)
7. Spirit Walker
8. Don't Get To Close To My Fantasy
9. Cold Blows The Wind
10. Gonna Be Alright
11. At Your Party (1st time played)
12. Loving To Learn (1st time played)
13. Mountains & Buffalo
14. She Wanted To Leave
15. She's Your Baby
16. The Grobe
17. Gener's Gone

2007-03-22 Johnny Brenda's Philadelphia, PA Gene Ween & Dave Driewitz

01) Intro 
02) Among His Tribe 
03) What Deaner Was Talking About 
04) Ooh Va La 
05) Flutes Of The Chi 
06) Alone 
07) Spirit Walker 
08) Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy) 
09) Cold Blows The Wind 
10) It's Gonna Be (Alright)  
11) Best Time At Your Party 
12) Learning To Live, Loving To Learn 
01) Mononucleosis 
02) So Long Jerry 
03) She Wanted To Leave 
04) Space Oddity 
05) The Grobe 
06) Gener Talking 
07) The Argus 
08) Pumpin' For The Man (folk style) 
09) Mountains And Buffalo 
10) Loving U Thru It All  

11) Gener's Gone 

2007-03-23 Gramercy Theatre New York City, NY Gene Ween, Dave Driewitz, & Claude Coleman
1. Stallion pt. 4
2. Pork Roll Egg n' Cheese
3. What Deaner Was Talking About
4. Little Birdy
5. Ooo Va La
6. Flutes of Chi
7. Alone
8. Spirit Walker
9. Birthday Boy
10. Cold Blows the Wind
11. Best Time at Your Party
12. Learning to Live, Loving to Learn

1. Mononucleosis
2. Right to the Ways and the Rules of the World
3. So Long Jerry
4. She Wanted to Leave
5. Space Oddity
6. She's Your Baby
7. Eye to the Sky
8. Pumpin 4 the Man
9. Mountains and Buffaloes
10. Greg the Bunny
11. Gener's Gone
2007-03-29 State Theater Falls Church, VA Gene Ween & Dave Driewitz
02-Stallion Part 4
03-What Deaner was Talkin About
04-Pork Roll Egg and Cheese
05-Ooh Va La
06-Flutes of the Chi
08-Spirit Walker
09-Dont Get too Close to My Fantasy
10-Cold Blows the Wind
11-We had Such a Good Time at Your Party
12-I'll Miss You

14-So Long Jerry
15-She Wanted to Leave
16-Space Oddity
17-Shes Your Baby
18-Birthday Boy
19-Stay Forever
20-The Grobe
21-Reggae Junkie Jew
n for the Man
23-Mountains and Buffalo
25-Soul Love
26-Geners Gone
2007-04-26 Sterling Hotel Allentown, PA  
1. tuning 
2. fiesta (first time played)
3. the grobe 
4. transdermal 
5. take me away 
6. bananas & blow 
7. DC
Won't Do You No Good  (first time played)
8. buckingham green 
9. happy colored marbles 
10. pork roll egg and cheese 
11. woman And man 
your party (first time played)
13. gabrielle 
14. touch my tooter 
15. Johnny on the spot 
16. even if you don't 
17. exactly Where i'm at 
1. tuning 
2. piss up a rope 
3. pumpin' for the man 
4. light me up 
5. she wanted to leave 
6. the HIV song 
7. spinal meningitis 
the fruit man (first time played)
9. Frank 
10. the mollusk 
11. homo rainbow 
12. fiesta (second time played)
13. fiesta (third time played)
14. never squeal on a pusher 
15. someday 
2007-04-30 Thomas Wolfe Auditorium Asheville, NC  
01 Intro 
02 Exactly Where I'm At 
03 Golden Eel 
04 Baby Bitch 
05 Bananas and Blow 
06 Take Me Away 
07 Mister Would You Please Help My Pony 
08 Transdermal Celebration 
09 Nan 
10 Gabrielle 
11 Woman & Man 
12 Buckingham Green 
13 Best Time @ The Party  
01 Voodoo Lady 
02 Stallion Pt. 3 
03 Piss Up a Rope 
04 Touch My Tooter 
05 Dr. Rock 
06 Fiesta 
07 Wavin' Intro> 
08 Wavin' my Dick in the Wind 
09 Even if you Don't 
10 Jonny on the Spot 
11 Push the Little Daisies 
12 Booze Me Up and Get Me High 
01 Spinal Meningitis 
02 Mollusk 
03 Can't Put My Finger On It 
05 Strap on My Jammy Pack 
06 The Blarney stone 
2007-05-01 Alabama Theatre Birmingham, AL  
2007-05-03 The Library Oxford, MS  
1. Take Me Away
2. The Grobe
3. Transdermal Celibration
4. Wavin' My Dick in the Wind
5. Richard Smoker
6. Bananas and Blow
7. Voodoo Lady
8. Your Party
9. Buckingham Green
10. Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My Brian
11. Big Jilm
12. Woman & Man
13. Gabrielle
14. Touch My Tooter
15. Never Squeal

1. The Final Alarm
2. Spinal Menengitis
3. The Mollusk
4. Push the Little Daises
5. Zoloft
6. Baby Bitch
7. Stay Forever
8. Piss Up a Rope
9. Booze Me Up and Get Me High
10. Fiesta
11. Johnny on the Spot
12. Ocean Man
13. Up on the Hill
14. Fluffy

1. Poopship Destroyer ->
2. Someday
2007-05-04 Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans, LA  
2007-06-08 Webster Theatre Hartford, CT  
2007-06-09 Metropolis Montreal, Quebec  
01.Birthday Boy 
02.Chocolate Town 
03.Tried & True 
04.Mutilated Lips 
06.Take Me Away 
07.The Grobe 
08.Even if You Don't 
09.Waving My Dick 
10.Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down) 
11.Bananas & Blow 
12.The Party 
13.Buckingham Green 
14.Albino Sunburned Girl 
15.Final Alarm 
16.Touch My Tooter 
02.Johnny On The Spot 
04.Put The Hammer Down 
05.Tender situation 
06.The Mollusk 
08.Ocean Man 
09.Dr. Rock 
10.You Fucked Up 
11.I Can't Put My Finger On It 
2007-06-10 Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom Hampton Beach, NH  
01. She Wanted To Leave 
02. The Golden Eel 
03. Baby Bitch 
04. Spinal Meningitis 
05. Bananas And Blow 
06. The Party 
07. Take Me Away 
08. Waving My Dick In The Wind 
09. Gabrielle 
10. Touch My Tooter 
11. Fiesta 
12. Voodoo Lady 
13. Buckingham Green 
14. Back To Basom 
15. Exactly Where I'm At 
16. Chocolate Town (**Acoustic**) 
17. Tried And True (**Acoustic**) 
01. Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain (**Acoustic**) 
02. I Don't Want It (**Acoustic**) 
03. The HIV Song 
04. Mr. Would Please Help My Pony
05. Booze Me Up And Get Me High 
06. Frank 
07. The Mollusk 
08. I've Got To Put The Hammer Down 
09. Stroker Ace 
10. I'll Be Your Johnny On The Spot (Tease) 
11. When The Going Gets Tough 
12. Papa Zit 
13. Ocean Man 
14. Mr. Richard Smoker 
15. Fiesta 
16. Fat Lenny 
2007-06-12 Palace Theatre Albany, NY  
2007-06-13 Water Street Music Hall Rochester, NY  
2.Take Me Away 
4.Transdermal Celebration 
5.Bananas and Blow 
6.Spinal Meningitis 
7.Happy Colored Marbles 
8.The Party 
9.Voodoo Lady 
10.Albino Sunburned Girl 
11.Piss Up A Rope 
12.Dont Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy) 
13.Puertorican Power 
14.Touch My Tooter 
15.Buckingham Green 
2.Tried & True 
3.Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain 
4.I Don't Want It 
5.Sketches Of Winkle 
7.Waving My Dick 
8.Licking The Palm For Guava > 
9.Mushroom Festival In Hell 
10.Buenas Tardes 
13.Big Jilm 
2007-06-14 Mr. Smalls Millvale, PA  
1) Intro 
2) She Wanted To Leave 
3) The Golden Eel 
4) Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down) 
5) The Stallion Pt. 3 
6) Now, I'm Freaking Out 
7) Bananas and Blow 
8) Take Me Away 
9) Waving My Dick In The Wind 
10) Even If You Don't 
11) Voodoo Lady 
12) Mutilated Lips 
13) Exactly Where I'm At 
14) Buckingham Green 
15) Final Alarm 
16) Baby Bitch 
17) Touch My Tooter 
18) Dr. Rock 
19) Fiesta 
1) Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony? 
2) I'll Be Your Jonny On The Spot > HIV Song (instrumental) 
3) Frank 
4) At Your Party 
5) The Mollusk 
6) audience 
7) Ocean Man 
8) Gabrielle 
9) Mr. Richard Smoker 
10) Stroker Ace 
11) You Fucked Up 
12) ICPMFOI (long intro, no chant) 
13) Never Squeal 
On The Pusher (long drum solo, then Dave & Deaner pick Claude up from the drum riser and hold him up to bask in the glory)
2007-06-16 Bonnaroo Music Festival Manchester, TN  
02.Exactly Where Im At 
03.Golden Eel 
04.Baby Bitch 
05.Spinal Meningitis 
06.Bananas & Blow 
07.Take Me Away 
08.Transdermal Celebration 
09.Even If You Dont 
10.Voodoo Lady 
11.The Party 
12.Buckingham Green 
13.Happy Colored Marbles 
01.Pork Roll Egg & Cheese 
02.Waving My Dick In The Wind 
03.Touch My Tooter 
06.Ocean Man 
07.Johnny On The Spot 
10.Mr Richard Smoker 
11.Booze Me Up & Get Me High 
12.Fat Lenny 
2007-06-23 School of Rock Music Festival Asbury Park, NJ  

01.  Intro 
02.  She Wanted To Leave 
03.  The Golden Eel 
04.  Baby Bitch 
05.  Spinal Meningitis 
06.  Bananas and Blow 
07.  The Party 
08.  Take Me Away 
09.  Wavin' My Dick In The Wind 
10.  Gabrielle 
11.  Touch My Tooter 
12.  Fiesta 
13.  Fiesta (Reprise) 
14.  Voodoo Lady 
15.  Buckingham Green 
16.  Exactly Where I'm At 
17.  I Don't Want It 
18.  Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain 
19.  Tried And True 
01.  The HIV Song 
02.  Booze Me Up And Get Me High 
03.  Frank 
04.  The Mollusk 
05.  Transdermal Celebration 
06.  Stroker Ace 
07.  Johnny On The Spot 
08.  Papa Zit 
09.  Dr. Rock 
10.  Ocean Man 
11.  Someday 
12.  crowd 
13.  Never Squeal On The Pusher 

2007-07-25 Community Park North Princeton, NJ  
01. Intro 
02. Fiesta 
03. Don't Get To Close To My Fantasy 
04. Mr. Would You Please Help My Pony 
05. Transdermal Celebration 
06. Gabrielle 
07. Slow Down Boy
08. Bananas And Blow 
09. Voodoo Lady 
10. The Party 
11. Exactly Where I'm At 
12. Back To Basom 
13. Buckingham Green
01. -tuning/banter- 
02. Stay Forever 
03. Take Me Away 
04. Touch My Tooter 
05. Got To Put The Hammer Down 
06. Wavin' My Dick In The Wind 
07. Tick 
08. It's Gonna Be A Long Night (w/ Rev. B.
Ill - guitar)
09. Polka Dot Tail (w/ Rev. B.Ill - guitar)
10. Ohio (w/ Rev. B.Ill - backing vocals)
12. The Mollusk
2007-08-08 The Warehouse Houston, TX  
2007-08-09 Stubb's BBQ Austin, TX  
1.  Intro 
2.  hiv song 
3.  golden eel 
4.  baby bitch 
5.  spinal meningitis 
6.  even if you dont 
7.  transdermal celebration 
8.  touch my tooter 
9.  slowdown boy 
10. wavin my dick in the wind 
11. voodoo lady 
12. zoloft 
13. exactly where i'm at 
14. push the little daisies 
15. piss up a rope 
1.  final alarm 
2.  she's your baby 
3.  frank 
4.  the mullusk 
5.  johnny on the spot 
6.  stroker ace 
7.  puerto rican power 
8.  ocean man 
9.  a tear for eddie 
10. the party 
11. she fucks me 
12. chant 
13. i can't put my finger on it 
2.  fiesta 
3.  sketches of winkle 
4.  sorry charlie 
5.  booze me up 
6.  someday 
2007-08-10 Stubb's BBQ Austin, TX  

1.  she wanted to leave 
2.  marble tulip juicy tree (tweaked w/1 verse of "up on the hill") 
3.  now i'm freakin out 
4.  bananas & blow 
5.  take me away 
6.  mr. richard smoker 
7.  the grobe 
8.  mister, would you please help my pony? 
9.  i got to put the hammer down 
10.  roses are free 
11.  buckingham green 
12.  happy colored marbles 
13.  pork roll egg and cheese 
14.  nan 
15.  gabrielle 
16.  dr. rock 
1.  pandy fackler 
Acoustic Set:

2.  chocolate town* 
3.  birthday boy*
4.  mutilated lips*
5.  joppa road* 
6.  help me scrape the mucus off my brain* 
7.  i don't want it* 
8.  flies on my dick (w/dickie moist) 
9.  tick 
10.  you f
ucked up 
11.  fat le
2.  springtheme 
3.  don't get 2 close 2 my fantasy 
4.  never squeal (long drum solo) 
5.  fluffy 

2007-08-11 House of Blues Dallas, TX  

Take Me Away
Transdermal Celebration
Waving My Dick In The Wind
Mr. Richard Smoker
Slow Down Boy
Bananas & Blow
Spinal Meningitis
Voodoo Lady
The Party
Buckingham Green
Touch My Tooter
Stallion Pt 5
Hammer Down
Awesome Sound
What Deaner Was Talking About
Piss up A Rope
Booze Me Up
Big Jilm
Sweet Texas Fire
Help My Pony
Johnny On The Spot
Homo Rainbow
Buenas Tardes


Powder Blue
Ocean Man

2007-10-16 The Bluebird Bloomington, IN  
03.Take Me Away 
04.Transdermal Celebration 
05.Waving My Dick In The Wind 
06.Learnin To Love *(first time played) 
07.Voodoo Lady 
Your Party 
09.Light Me Up 
10.Spirit Walker*(first time played) 
11.Spinal Meningitis 
13.Touch My Tooter 
14.Got To Put The Hammer Down 
15.Object *(first time played) 
16.Buckingham Green 
18.With My Own Bare Hands *(first time played) 
19.Baby Bitch 
20.The Mollusk 
01.Tender Situation 
02.Help My Pony 
03.Ocean Man (strange jazzy version- mandolin was out of tune) 
04.Ocean Man 
06.Stroker Ace 
07.Pandy Fackler 
09.Leave Deaner Alone 
10.Final Alarm 
11.The Stallion Part 3 
Dr. Rock 
13.Homo Rainbow 
14.Mr Richard Smoker 
15.Powder Blue 
16.Back To Basom 
17.Roses Are Free 
2007-10-17 The Canopy Club Urbana, IL  
01. Introduction 
02.Exactly Where Im At 
03.She Wanted To Leave 
04. Light Me Up 
05. Piss Up A Rope 
06. Learnin To Live 
07. Take Me Away 
08. Touch My Tooter 
09. Even If You Dont 
10. Object 
11. Woman And Man 
12. Zoloft 
13. Buckingham Green 
14. Bananas And Blow 
15. Booze Me Up And Get Me High 
16. With My Own Bare Hands 
17. Frank 
18. The Mollusk 
19. Spinal Meningitis 
20. Happy Colored Marbles 
21. Spirit Walker 
22. Dont Get 2 Close(2 My Fantasy) 
23. Johnny On The Spot 
24. You Fucked Up 
25. Chant 
26. I Cant Put My Finger On It 
27. Encore Break 
28. Fiesta 
29. Waving My Dick In The Wind 
30. Reggaejunkiejew 
31. Poopship Destroyer 
2007-10-19 The Orpheum Madison, WI  
01 taking stage 
02 pork roll egg and cheese 
03 exactly where i'm at 
04 bananas and blow 
05 spinal meningitis 
06 learnin' to love 
07 voodoo lady 
08 spirit walker 
09 take me away 
10 touch my tooter 
11 gabrielle 
12 object 
13 buckingham green 
14 captain 
15 mutilated lips * (acoustic)
16 she fucks me * (acoustic)
17 tried and true * (acoustic)
18 help me scrape the mucus off my brain * (acoustic)
19 i don't want it * (acoustic)
20 the grobe 
21 transdermal celebration 
22 jonny on the spot 
23 my own bare hands 
24 the mollusk 
25 pandy fackler 
26 ocean man 
27 wavin' my dick in the wind 
28 put the hammer down 
29 you fucked up 
30 encore break 
31 fiesta 
32 el camino +  
33 what deaner was talking about 
34 baby bitch 
35 blarney stone 

+At the end of El Camino, some asshole in the balcony threw an object at Glenn while he was on stage sitting at his keyboards.  The object hit Glenn in the face and cut him next to his eye. 

r's Tour Diaries:
I'm keeping a running diary of the ween tour but i've decided to post the whole thing at once, when each leg is finished. Right now though, I'm stuck in a hotel outside of Madison on a rainy, windy day. I tried to take a picture of this depressing cubicle that has been home for the past 24 hours, but I forgot the cable that connects the camera to the computer. This is what the tour has been like so far though, sitting in hotels out on the highway, nowhere near any shops or restaurants and in foul weather. No hotel bars even. Imagine getting dropped off at a hotel at 11am every day and watching your ride drive away. It's like "ok, just sit there in that room for the next 8 hours, but don't smoke any cigarettes or we'll charge you a $200 fee, and we'll be back to get you later for the show. If you get hungry, there's a Ruby Tuesday down the highway about a 1/4 mile". I've spent the last 4 days watching CNN, ESPN, History Channel, standing on the toilet seat blowing cigarette smoke into the ceiling vent, and being just generally anxious to get out there and play some music. Last night we got to watch the Red Sox/Indians and that was nice at least. The only problem was that the game was over at 11 local time and we're used to going to sleep at 3. So I went to sleep anyway. Now I've been up since 9am and soundcheck isn't 'til 6. FUUUUUCCCK.
2007-10-20 Aragon Ballroom Chicago, IL  
03.Take Me Away 
04.Transdermal Celebration 
05.Waving My Dick In The Wind 
06.Mr. Richard Smoker 
07.Learnin To Love 
08.Voodoo Lady 
Your Party 
10.Spinal Meningitis 
11.Buckingham Green 
12.Happy Colored Marbles 
13.Spirit Walker 
14.With My Own Bare Hands 
15.Touch My Tooter 
18.Johnny On The Spot 
02.Bananas And Blow 
03.Piss Up A Rope 
04.Booze Me Up And Get Me High 
05.The Mollusk 
06.Ocean Man 
07.Stroker Ace 
08.Mister Would You Please Help My Pony? 
09.Woman And Man 
10.What Deaner Was Talkin About 
11.Stay Forever 
12.Fat Lenny 
14.Freedom Of 76 
15.Exactly Where Im At 
16.The HIV Song 
2007-10-22 The Pageant St. Louis, MO  
Golden Eel 
Baby Bitch 
Spinal Meningitis 
Bananas & Blow 
Learnin' to Love 
Wavin' My Dick in the Wind 
Take Me Away 
Voodoo Lady 
Your Party 
My Own Bare Hands 
Happy Colored Marbles 
Buckingham Green 

s are Free 
She's Your Baby 
Piss Up a Rope 
Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy) 
Touch My Tooter 
Jonny on the Spot 
Goin' Gets Tough 
Pandy Fackler 
Dr. Rock 
Stroker Ace 
You Fucked Up 

Ocean Man 
Never Squeal on the Pusher 
2007-10-23 Lifestyle Communities Pavilion Columbus, OH  
Exactly Where I'm At
Spinal Meningitis
Now I'm Freaking Out
Bananas & Blow
Learnin To Love
Take Me Away
Wavin My Dick In The Wind
The Grobe
VooDoo Lady
The Stallion pt.3
My Own Bare Hands
Final Alarm
Buckingham Green
Spirit Walker
Woman & Man
(acoustic set)
Mutilated Lips
Chocolate town
Tried & True
Joppa Road
Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain
I dont Want It
(back to electric)
Transdermal Celebration
Touch My Tooter
Stroker Ace
Doctor Rock
A Tear For Eddie The Mollusk
Ocean Man
Stalliom Pt 5
Ace of Spades

Deaner's Tour D
Had a day off yesterday and I was all excited to make a night out of watching the world series on the awesome hi-def flat screen tv in the hotel bar. What a sad ass game that turned out to be. Ran into Jess Margera from CKY and we hit the town instead. Ended up in some bar singing "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love" with a pretty rippin' heavy metal karaoke band. In my humble opinion I thought it was the best performance I've given this whole tour. Today I have a 2 inch long bloody cut on my ass and I have no idea how it got there. I think I woke up to take a leak in the middle of the night and must've tripped on something. We were supposed to be on NPR's "All Things Considered" this morning and luckily it got cancelled. I think I'm just gonna lay around in bed til showtime. I think we play at a House of Blues tonight, at least that's what someone told me last night. I honestly don't even have a copy of our schedule and I wouldn't read it if I did. By the way, don't send me any emails through Ning, send them to the gmail address on the main page.
2007-10-25 House of Blues Cleveland, OH  

Pork Roll, Egg & Cheese
Spinal Meningitis
Happy Colored Marbles
Piss Up A Rope
Learning To Love
Take Me Away
The Grobe
Even If You Don't
Voodoo Lady
Your Party
Buckingham Green
Albino Sunburned Girl
Leave Deaner Alone
Marble Tulip Juicy Tree
Don't Get 2 Close To My Fantasy
Stroker Ace
Touch My Tooter
Woman & Man
Wavin' My Dick In The Wind
Dr. Rock
Did You See Me
My Own Bare Hands
Booze Me Up
The Mollusk
Buenos Tardes, Amigos
Encore 1:
Papa Zit
Mr. Richard Smoker
Powder Blue
Encore 2:
I'll Be Your Jonny On Th' Spot
Young At Heart Jam w/Deaner On Drums

2007-10-26 Sound Academy (The Docks) Toronto, Ontario  
01: Ice Castles 
02: Fiesta 
03: Take Me Away 
04: Transdermal Celebration 
05: Wavin' My Dick in the Wind 
06: The Grobe 
07: Object 
08: Voodoo Lady 
09: Exactly Where I'm At 
10: Your Party 
11: Spinal Meningitis 
12: Bananas and Blow 
13: Learnin' To Love 
14: Piss Up a Rope 
15: Frank 
16: The Mollusk 
01: Touch My Tooter 
02: Stroker Ace 
03: Fat Lenny 
04: The Argus 
05: Roses Are Free 
06: Spirit Walker 
07: Push th' Little Daisies 
08: My Own Bare Hands 
09: Woman and Man 
10: Buckingham Green 
11: Encore Break/Crowd 
12: HIV Song 
13: Pony 
14: Dr. Rock 
2007-10-27 The Fillmore (State Theater) Detroit, MI  
1) Intro 
2) Nan 
3) Take Me Away 
4) Don't Get To Close to My Fantasy 
5) Even If You Don't 
6) Spinal Meningitis 
7) Bananas and Blow 
8) Happy Colored Marbles 
9) Learnin' to Love 
10) Voodoo Lady 
11) Your Party 
12) Buckingham Green 
13) With My Own Bare Hands 
14) Spirit Walker 
15) Ice Castles 
16) The Eel 
17) Zoloft 
1) Touch My Tooter 
2) Gabrielle 
3) Tick 
4) You Fucked Up 
5) Object 
6) Mister Wo
uld You Please Help My Pony 
7) Jonny On the Spot 
8) The Argus 
9) Stay Forever 
10) The Mollusk 
11) Big Jilm 
12) I Got T
o Put the Hammer Down 
13) Ocean Man 
14) Dr. Rock 
15) Crowd 
16) Fiesta 
17) Stroker Ace 
18) Fat Lenny 

Deaner's Tour Diaries:
We'll we're finished our midwest tour and we have a few days off at home now. We're here only in body though, or at least I am. I sort of have one foot out the door already. All summer long I've been looking at our schedule, anticipating the few days off we have right now, figuring that's when I'd go get in on the killer fall striper run. Well I was down the beach for the last couple days and it was just as dead (and as warm) as when we left. The bass haven't started their run yet. I'll check back with them around thanksgiving I guess. I did catch the usual suspects, bluefish, croakers, sharks, and skates. I'm going to post our tour diary to later on today. Aaron and I have a photo shoot with Spin today at 4.....whatever.
2007-11-04 Rialto Theatre Tucson, AZ  
01-  Spinal Meningitis 
02-  Bananas & Blow   
03-  Learnin' to Love  
04-  Take Me Away 
05-  Transdermal Celebration 
06-  Wavin' My Dick in the Wind  
07-  Nan
08-  Object 
09-  Voodoo Lady 
10-  The Party  
11-  Light Me Up
12-  Buckingham Green 
13-  With My Own Bare Hands 
14-  Zoloft 
15-  Touch My Tooter
16-  Gabrielle  
17-  Doctor Rock
18-  The Mollusk 
19-  Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My Brain  
20-  Mutilated Lips 
21-  Birthday Boy  
22-  Woman and Man
23-  Mr. Richard Smoker
24-  Stroker Ace
25-  Johnny On The Spo
26-  Shamemaker -> Fiesta 
27- Roses are Free
28- Spirit Walker
29- Help My Pony
30- Fluffy

Tour Diaries:
We have a flight to Tuscon this afternoon. Our little break is over. I decided not to post our tour diary from the first leg of the tour, even though it was long and detailed. There was a lot of negative shit in there and sometimes it's just better to not say anything at all. I will say this though, if you are at a Ween show and you see anyone throw anything at us that's heavier than a cotton ball, grab a secuity guard, or beat their ass on the spot. There was a little too much of it on the last tour for my liking. Otherwise, we had a great time, and great crowds, except for the Toronto crowd, who were undeniably, and surprisingly soft. Lookin' forward to playin' out West, a little bit more scenic than where we just were. I'll have my Brownie Troop 666 stickers on Tuesday and I figured out a way to get them to you guys. I'll be posting more about this once I have the stickers in my hands.

Alright, I just woke up in Tuscon after having a wicked dream. I'm a huge sports fan and I watch just about everything on t.v. except most college sports and all women's sports. But I might have to change that. I had this dream that I was following Natalie Gulbis around during an LPGA event and she hooked her tee shot into the woods near where I was standing. So when she came strolling down the fairway I told her I had a pretty good idea where the ball went out of play and I would help her find it. For some reason her caddy wasn't with her, nor were any rules officials. You know where this is headed. I fucked her in the woods. You know you don't have don't read this shit right? Someone's blog, talking about their dreams? I wouldn't read it, but since you made it this far I'll keep going. I have this sick fascination with one (or both) of the Williams sisters--Venus and Serena. I favor one sometimes, and then I switch to the other. It's probably gonna take a therapist to help me work my way thru this. It's something about their sheer uncompromising blackness coupled with the way they scream and grunt when they hit the ball. I doubt that I stand much of chance of ever getting it happening with either of them, and I'm sure mom and pop wouldn't be too into it either. Thanks for reading my blog.

Just woke up in San Diego, played the Rialto in Tuscon last night. Tuscon was celebrating their annual "All Souls" parade, at least that's what I think it was called. It was a long parade through the streets of Tuscon where thousands of people were dressed up as skeletons, zombies, all sorts of evil shit. Sorta like a morbid mardi-gras parade. Got to watch the parade from the roof of the theater. The show was a blast for us, a nice way to start the west coast run. We also finally got to bust out "Shamemaker" in medley form. Hung out and partied around town for awhile afterwards and then drove overnight and had a restless night's bus sleep. This is where you're not sure if you slept or not cuz you wake up so often. The Eagles suck this year. It's over. Why should the Red Sox and Patriots and Celtics fans get to have so much hope when there is so little in Philadelphia? Am I bitter? Fuck yeah.
2007-11-05 House of Blues San Diego, CA  
01 Ice Castles 
The HIV Song
03 Spinal Meningitis 
04 Happy Colored Marbles 
05 Learnin' to Love 
06 Take Me Away 
07 Don't Get 2 Close (2 My fantasy) 
08 The Stallion Part 5 
09 Object 
10 Voodoo Lady 
11 Your Party 
12 Bananas and Blow 
13 With My Own Bare Hands 
14 Buckingham Green 
15 Don't Sweat It 
16 Waving My Dick In the Wind 
17 Mister Richard Smoker 
18 Dr. Rock 
19 Woman and Man 
20 Zoloft 
21 Tick 
22 Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony? 
23 Sorry Charlie 
24 The Mollusk 
25 Baby Bitch 
26 Don't Shit Where You Eat 
27 Ocean Man 
28 Shamemaker 
29 Fiesta 
30 Sketches of Winkle 
31 You Fucked Up 
32 I Can't Put My Finger on It 
33 Someday 
2007-11-06 Ventura Theater Ventura, CA  
01 Pork Roll Egg and Cheese 
02 Spinal Meningitis 
03 Happy Colored Marbles 
04 Piss Up a Rope 
05 Learnin' to Love 
06 Take Me Away 
07 The Grobe 
08 Even if You Don't 
09 Voodoo Lady 
10 Your Party 
11 Buckingham Green 
12 You Were the Fool 
13 Light Me Up 
14 My Own Bare Hands 
15 Captain Fantasy 
16 Stroker Ace 
17 Touch My Tooter 
18 Object 
19 Woman and Man 
20 Lullaby 
21 Waving My Dick in the Wind 
22 Dr. Rock 
23 Did You See Me? 
24 The Mollusk 
25 Roses Are Free 
26 Little Drummer Boy 
28 Fiesta/Third Stone from the Sun (Hendrix) 
29 Superstar (The Carpenters) 
30 Bananas and Blow 

Deaner's Tour Diaries:
The past few days have been a blur. I'm still sort of foggy trying to distinguish what happened on which night. We rolled into San Diego the other day and I went out and had a good meal at the Liars Club/bar with my friend Lenny. We then spent about 5 hours hanging around the San Diego House of Blues, which is located like 4 stories underground. As far as HOBs go, I actually really liked this one. It was small, it held like 1200 people tops, and we sold it out. Really a perfect sized venue with a great view from the stage. We totally rocked the living shit outta that place I think but it's all pretty fuzzy at this point. We then drove overnight to Ventura and stayed at a beautiful hotel right on the water. This was our second time at the "Majestic" Ventura Theater. If you're ever in Ventura, there's a killer restaurant right up the street from the club that advertises itself as "Peruvian Thai food" and that's where I ate. It was so good that I wanted to stand up and start singing. There's these two old grandmothers that cook the food, one is Peruvian and one is Thai. Their daughters serve the food and they are beautiful beyond belief. There were very concerned with the quality of our meal and came out and spoke with us about it. Amazing. Anyway, the Ventura show was the one I've been waiting for since this tour began--when fatigue, frustration, and a small crowd all collide on the same night and all hell breaks loose. I can't remember exactly all of the details, but the night ended with a 40 minute medley of The Little Drummer Boy, the Little Drummer Boy pt. 2 (which we wrote on the spot), Fiesta, Third Stone From the Sun, Fiesta reprise, Superstar (the Carpenters), and some other hellish feedback jams and bad free jazz during the Mollusk. I don't know if the crowd enjoyed it as much as I did, but I reserve the right to get drunk and make a mess every now and then. Chris Harford is living out here these days so he's been with us the past couple shows. Now I'm sitting in L.A. on our day off, looking forward to getting another good meal tonight and meeting up with some friends. Oh, and Fender sent me a new guitar today that's sort of modelled after my red Stratocaster so I'm psyched to try it out at tomorrow's gig.
2007-11-08 Wiltern Theatre Los Angeles, CA  
Ice Castles 
The HIV Song
Spinal Meningitis 
Happy Colored Marbles 
Bananas and Blow 
Learnin to Love 
Voodoo Lady 
Spirit walker 
Take Me Away 
Transdermal celebration 
Touch My Tooter 
Got To
Put The Hammer Down 
Buckingham Green 
Baby Bitch 
My Own Bare Hands 
Final Alarm 
Woman and Man 
Johnny on the Spot 
Richard Smoker 
Ocean Man 
Wavin my Dick 
Dr. Rock 
Don't Squeal 
2007-11-09 Santa Cruz Civic Center Santa Cruz, CA  
1. Taking Stage 
2. Don't Shit Where You Eat 
3. Spinal Meningitis 
4. Now I'm Freaking Out 
5. Bananas and Blow 
6. Learning to Love 
7. Take Me Away 
8. Gabrielle 
9. Freedom of '76 
10. Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy) 
11. Object 
12. Even If You Don't 
13. Woman and Man 
14. Mutilated Lips 
15. Buckingham Green 
16. Your Party 
17. Beacon Light 
18. My Own Bare Hands 
19. Tear for Eddie 
20. Spirit Walker 
21. Stallion Pt. 3 
22. Mollusk 
23. Back to Basom 
24. Superstar (Carpenters cover, instrumental) 
25. Ocean Man 
26. Waving my Dick in the Wind 
27. Stroker Ace 
28. Touch my Tooter 
29. Puerto Rican Power 
30. Did You See Me 
31. Shamemaker 
32. Fiesta 
33. Squelch the Weasel 
34. Birthday Boy 
35. Tender Situation 
36. Roses are Free
2007-11-10 Warfield Theatre San Francisco, CA  
Birthday Boy 
Chocolate Town 
Mutilated Lips 
Tried And True 
I Don't Want It 
Golden Eel 
Spinal Meningitis 
Baby Bitch 
Learnin' To Love 
Piss Up A Rope 
Light Me Up 
Voodoo Lady 
Spirit Walker 
Take Me Away 
Wavin' My Dick In The Wind 
Mister Richard Smoker 
Transdermal Celebration 
Buckingham Green 
Bananas And Blow 
Your Party 
Push The Little Daisies 
My Own Bare Hands 
The Mollusk 
Jonny On The Spot 
Goin' Gets Tough 
Slow Down Boy 
Pandy Fackler 
Ocean Man 
Put The Hammer Down 
Touch My Tooter 
Dr. Rock 

Tour Diaries:
Just comin' off a really hectic run through California, just got off the bus from an overnight drive from San Fran to Portland. Had a great gig at the Warfield last night, one of the best crowds of the whole tour. The Tenderloin though, (that's the section of town where the club is) that shit is just completely out of control. Ween has played the Warfield many times over the years and I've seen some fucked up shit down there, but against all odds it seems to have actually gotten worse with the crackheads and homeless people. The security guy told us that one of the other guards had his thumb bit off last week by a homeless dude. Yesterday people were openly buying, selling, and smoking crack right in front of our bus ALL DAY and IN THE RAIN. At one point yesterday a guy was taking a piss on the sidewalk facing me, not even the wall. I said to one of the guys from the club "look at the dude just pissing right there" and he replied "thank god he's just pissing, sometimes they'll just shit anywhere too." Unfortunately my favorite San Francisco restaurant, Original Joe's, just had a really bad fire and might not reopen for 6 months, if ever. I really do love San Francisco though, warts and all. It still has a pulse and I think that the homeless and the funk both play a part of it. Gonna search out a killer seafood dinner tonight and finally watch part 7 of the Ken Burns movie. Thanks to whoever the guy is who threw me that ball of hash from the front row last night. It's like the size of a golf ball.
2007-11-12 Roseland Theater Portland, OR  
01 Exactly Where I'm At 
02 Pork Roll Egg & Cheese 
03 Spinal Meningitis 
04 Bananas & Blow 
05 Learnin' To Love 
06 Voodoo Lady 
07 Back To Basom 
08 My Own Bare Hands 
09 Transdermal Celebration 
10 Take Me Away 
11 Waving My Dick In The Wind 
12 Object 
13 Nan 
14 Papa Zit 
15 Touch My Tooter 
16 I Got To Put The Hammer Down 
17 Buckingham Green 
18 Your Party 
19 Beacon Light 
01 I'll Be Your Jonny On The Spot 
02 I'm In The Mood To Move 
03 Roses Are Free 
04 Spirit Walker 
05 The Mollusk 
06 Big Jilm 
07 She's Your Baby 
08 Ocean Man > 
09 The Blarney Stone 
10 Fiesta 
12 Mr. Richard Smoker 
13 Mr. Would You Please Help My Pony? 
14 Stroker Ace 
15 You Fucked Up 
16 Dr. Rock 
2007-11-13 Paramount Theatre Seattle, WA  
1. Fiesta
2. Take me away
3. Transdermal Celebration
4. Waving my dick
5. Richard Smoker
6. Learnin 2 Luv
7. Voodoo Lady
8. Yer Party
9. Spinal Meng
10. Buckingham Green
11. Happy Colored Marbles
12. Mutilated Lips
13. My Own Bare Hands
14. Touch My Tooter
15. Gabrielle
16. Zoloft
17. Johnny on the Spot
18. Object
19. Bananas & Blow
20. Little Birdie
21. Hammer Down
22. Final Alarm
23. Ice Castles
24. Mollusk
25. Booze Me Up
26. Ocean Man
27. Pony
28. Fat Lenny
1. Lullaby
2. Drifter in the dark
3. Mucus Off my brain
4. Fluffy
2007-11-14 Queen Elizabeth Theatre Vancouver, British Columbia  
01 - Crowd Cheering 
02 - Birthday Boy 
03 - Chocolate Town 
04 - Mutilated Lips 
05 - I Don't Want It 
06 - The Golden Eel 
07 - Spinal Meningitis 
08 - Baby Bitch 
09 - Learnin' To Love 
10 - Piss Up A Rope 
11 - Voodoo Lady 
12 - Spirit Walker 
13 - Take Me Away 
14 - Waving My Dick In The Wind 
15 - Transdermal Celebration 
16 - Object 
17 - Buckingham Green 
01 - Bananas and Blow 
02 - Your Party 
03 - Roses are Free 
04 - With My Own Bare Hands 
05 - The Mollusk 
06 - I'll Be Your Jonny on the Spot 
07 - The Goin' Gets Tough From The Getgo 
08 - Pandy Fackler 
09 - Ocean Man 
10 - Touch My Tooter 
11 - Shamemaker/Fiesta 
13 - Even If You Don't 
14 - Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy) 
15 - Captain Fantasy 
16 - Dr. Rock 

s Tour Diaries:
The past week has been a whirlwind of gigs and travelling. Played a really fun show in Portland, small venue but really intimate and rocking. Had a lot of fun in that town. Drove overnight to Seattle and played a huge sold out show in another stunningly beautiful theater, we've been really fortunate on this tour to have played some gorgeous venues. Same thing the next night in Vancouver, played a huge opera house. I got kinda snakebit in Vancouver by broken strings, I don't know if I've ever broken so many strings on one gig in my life, but the crowd was super enthusiastic and no one seemed to notice but me. Did a beautiful drive thru the Canadian Rockies to get here, in Calgary. The hotel we're staying at is beautiful and I slept for 13 hours last night. There was a fashion show going on last night here in the hotel and the place was just crawling with models and scenesters. When I checked into my room there was a nice little tray of chocolates and someone had drawn "thanks dean" on it in chocolate and it had the name of our albums sorta painted on there too. I guess someone who works here is a Ween fan. Got to watch some hockey last night, and some basketball and lots of coverage on the Barry Bonds indictment. It will be very interesting to see how this all plays out. If they knew an indictment was coming why did they wait until now? I don't really like the guy at all, but the way this whole thing has been handled is a catastrophe. It's gonna be very interesting to see who else's names come up out of all this and how they're gonna deal with that. Bud Selig is an ass, maybe the worst commisioner in all of sports. Just 2 more gigs for us and then we fly home for a way too short break before the east coast tour. Striped bass are now being caught down on LBI and hopefully the weather and the tides will cooperate with me one day next week.
2007-11-16 Flames Central Calgary, Alberta  

1. Exactly Where I'm at
2. Spinal Meningitis
3. Piss up a Rope
4. Happy Coloured Marbles
5. Bananas and Blow
6. Learning to Love
7. Take Me away
8. Waving My Dick in the Wind
9. Touch My tooter
10. Voodoo Lady
11. Your Party
12. With my own bare hands
13. Baby Bitch
14. What Deaner Was Talking About
15. Stroker Ace
16. Woman and Man
17. Zoloft
18. Buckingham Green
19. Gabrielle
20. I'll be Your Jonny on the Spot
21. Object
22. Mollusk
23. She F***s Me
24. Ocean Man
25. Mr. Richard Smoker
26. Fiesta
27. Dr. Rock
28. Peurto Rican Power
29. The HIV song
30. The Blarney Stone
2nd Encore:
4 songs on the list that were not played: final alarm, tender situation, beacon light, and someday

2007-11-17 Edmonton Events Centers Edmonton, Alberta  
Take Me Away
The Grobe
Even If You Don't
Waving My Dick In The Wind
Voodoo Lady
Bananas and Blow
Albino Sunburned Girl (waste on all vocals)
My Own Bare Hands
Don't Get Too Close
Stroker Ace
Hammer Down
Mutilated Lips
Johnny On The Spot
Booze Me Up

r's Tour Diaries:
Christ almighty. We got home at 2am last night from Canada. The trip home home was a hellride in every sense of the word. Canada was great, the fans in Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton came to rock and hopefully we gave them something worthy. The club in Calgary was downright bizzare, a sports bar dedicated exclusively to the Calgary Flames. The show in Edmonton was in a mall, we'd played there once before. We get a whopping 3 days off now before we resume and I'm goin' fishing. I will hopefully report back here with a winning story.
2007-11-23 Sonar Baltimore, MD  
1.don't shit where you eat
2.spinal meningitis i'm freaking out 
4.bananas and blow 
5.learning to live 
6.take me away 
8.don't get 2 close 
10.even if you don't 
11.voodoo lady 
12.mutliated lips 
13.buckingham green 
15.beacon light 
16.with my own bare hands 
17.tear for eddie 
18.back to basom 
01.golden eel 
02.the mollusk 
03.booze me up 
04.stroker ace 
05.touch my tooter 
06.fat lenny > 
07.did you see me 
08.dr.rock fucked up 
03.jonny on the spot > 
04.licking the palm for guava> 
05.mushroom festival in hell 
(10 minutes long, I believe)
2007-11-24 Tower Theater Upper Darby, PA  
Acoustic set 
01. Birthday Boy 
02. Chocolate Town 
03. Mutilated Lips 
04. Tried and True 
05. I Don't Want It 
Electric set
06. Golden Eel 
07. Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down) 
08. Baby Bitch 
09. Learning to Love 
10. Piss Up A Rope 
11. Light Me Up 
12. Voodoo Lady 
13. Spirit Walker 
14. Take Me Away 
15. Pumpin' 4 the Man 
16. Waving My Dick in the Wind 
17. Transdermal Celebration 
18. Object 
01. Buckingham Green 
02. Bananas and Blow 
03. Your Party 
04. Roses Are Free 
05. My Own Bare Hands 
06. The Mollusk 
07. I'll Be Your Jonny on the Spot 
08. Powder Blue 
09. The Goin' Gets Tough From The Getgo 
10. Ocean Man 
11. Shamemaker 
12. Fiesta 
13. The HIV Song 
14. Pork Roll Egg & Cheese 
15. Lullaby 
16. Touch My Tooter 
17. Dr. Rock 
2007-11-26 Higher Ground South Burlington, VE  
Ice Castles
Exactly Where I'm At
Bananas and Blow
Spinal Meningitis
Voodoo Lady
Take me Away
Mr. Richard Smoker
Puerto Rican Power
Touch My Tooter
Buckingham Green
Your Party
My Own Bare Hands
Learnin' To Love
Waving My Dick in the Wind
Sketches of Winkle
Even if you Don't
Stroker Ace
Woman and Man
Mr. Would you Please Help my Pony
Pandy Fackler
Put the Hammer Down
The Mollusk
Booze Me Up and Get me High
Blarney Stone
Dr. Rock
2007-11-27 Calvin Theater Northampton, MA  
She Wanted to Leave
The HIV Song
Piss Up a Rope
Learnin to Love
Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)
Happy Colored Marbles
Take Me Away
Dont Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
Touch my Tooter
Voodoo Lady
Bananas and Blow
Your Party
Beacon Light
Squelch the Weasel
Buckingham Green
Awesome Sound
The Mollusk (Deaner on drums)
Ocean Man
Transdermal Celebration
Put the Hammer Down
Johnny on the Spot
Ace of Spades (Dave on Vocals)
I'm Holding You (special text message request from Kirk Miller)
Slow Down Boy
Ice Castles
Final Alarm
Homo Rainbow
My Own Bare Hands
Superstar (Instrumental)
Dr. Rock

Deaner's Tour Diaries:
Sitting in Boston, got a nice early show tonight for a change. The past couple of gigs have been really gnarly. First Burlington, which really rocked, and then last night in Northampton which was totally brown and downright bizzare. I love gigs like that. We basically played the kitchen sink for 3 hours, songs we never play, songs we don't know, etc. It was a blast, if you were there I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, although I'm not really sure what that means. I can't win with the food situation on tour. If I see another piece of domino's pizza I'm gonna shit blood. I don't consider myself to be a food snob, but if I see food that's disgusting I will always opt to just not eat anything instead. So far my steady diet of Red Bull, Beck's and Marlboros has been working for me. I got a stack of BT666 stickers in Philly and I've been tagging pretty much everything I come in contact with. Jim Woolsey told me has mailed out a few hundred so far--they look pretty bad ass. We're travelling in a couple of all black 15 passenger vans on this tour, no tour bus. It has a great look. Everywhere we go people are totally confused by what we are--the evil fbi-looking van pulls up and they see Dan (our tour manager and den mother) who is a gigantic brother with a cell phone, walkie talkie and a bunch of credentials around his neck, then they see the rest of us tired ass looking bunch of cruds and scumbags file out of the all black truck. We look like a bunch of assasins or something.
2007-11-28 Orpheum Boston, MA  
Take Me Away
The Grobe
Bananas and Blow
Spinal Meningitis
Learnin' to Love
Transdermal Celebration
Voodoo Lady
Your Party
Did You See Me?
Piss Up a Rope
Touch My Tooter
Put the Hammer Down
Buckingham Green
Own Bare Hands
Stroker Ace
Tried and True (Acoustic)
Mollusk (Acoustic)
I Don't Want It (Acoustic)
Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My Brain (Acoustic)
Dr. Rock
Waving My Dick in the Wind
Woman and Man
Roses are Free

Deaner's Tour Diaries:
Does anyone know of a bar in the Milford CT area that will have tonight's football game on the tv? Email me.
2007-11-30 Terminal 5 New York City, NY  
1.Exactly where I'm at 
2.She wanted to leave 
4.Golden eel 
5.Baby bitch 
6.Piss up rope 
7.Voodoo lady 
8.Your party 
9.Light me up 
10.Waving my dick in wind 
11.Touch my Tooter 
12.Even if you don't 
13. object 
14.Beacon light 
15.Mr richard smoker 
17.Johnny on the spot 
19.Stallion pt.5 
20.Puerto rican power 
21.You fucked up 
22.Tender situation 
24.Panady fackler 
25.Put the hammer down 
26.Ocean man 
29.Jammy pack 
31.Booze me up & get me high 
32.Blarney stone 
2007-12-01 Terminal 5 New York City, NY  
2.Take me away 
5.Bananas and blow 
6.Learin' to love 
8.Happy colored marbles 
9.My own barehands 
10.Buckingham green 
11.Mutilated lips 
Acoustic set: 
12.Tried & true 
13.Birthday boy 
15.I don't want it 
17.Push the l'il daisies 
18.Sorry charlie 
19.Woman and man 
20.Stroker ace 
21.Dr rock 
23.Powder blue 
24.Papa zit 
27.Big jilm 
28.Fat lenny 
29.Never squeal (Drum Solo) 

Tour Diaries:
It's over. It's really over, at least for a month or so. Finished up the final show in NYC last night and went right from the stage to the highway, made it to John and Peter's in time for last call. I wanted to thank everyone that came out to the shows this year, we had a lot of fun out there. As soon as my mind and body start to heal i'm gonna post a more thorough tour report. For the next month I'm gonna focus on getting back to the things I've missed the most while on tour--family, fishing, cooking, getting to some flyers games, etc. And just a reminder that the Brownie Troop stickers are here and you can get one by following the instructions to the left. I'll check back here later.

Tour Overview/Vital stats:
Ween Tour 2007 was intense for me, only because it had been a long time since we have done a proper tour, and not just a little one week trip based around some festival or an outdoor gig. I forgot what it was like to play 6 nights a week for a couple of months, it has it upsides and it's downsides. The upside is purely musical, the band members become telepathic and your playing gets sharp as a razor. The downsides are obvious, fatigue, bad food, a lot of waiting around, etc. One observation I did make was that because we've sort of moved up in venues to mostly theaters now, I've really noticed the impact of playing a seated venue, which we did a lot of. I simply don't like it. It's not really right for Ween-it's bad enough that people aren't allowed to smoke in clubs anymore, it's another thing to make them stay in an assigned seat for 2 ½ hours while we stand up there and try and raise the energy level gradually (and chain smoke our lungs out). Any of the gigs that I felt were a little flat happened in the seated venues, but like I said, that's just my opinion. Some of my personal favorite shows were in Chicago, Burlington, New York, Northampton, Ventura, Montreal, Hampton Beach, San Francisco and Portland. Here are some other vital stats:

Best catered meal of the tour:

Detroit-The Fillmore

We have some vegans in our road crew and normally I don't like to eat before a gig, but the dude who cooks at the Fillmore made us the best meal I've had in a long time, restaurants included. Little things like this mean a lot on tour. Nice one dude.

Amount of times Aaron sang the words to "Mister Richard Smoker" correctly:

None. He doesn't know the words and never has. We joke about it but it sort of bothers me after playing it for the last 12 years.


Twice for me, don't know about anyone else. Once outside of Mary's in Portland right on the sidewalk and once right before we went onstage at the Tower in Philly. Yes, we still get nervous from time to time, a hometown gig will usually get my attention pretty good.

Singular most over the top onstage moment:

Claude Coleman's drum solo in Pittsburgh, PA at Mister Smalls. We carried him off the stage on our shoulders.

Aaron's best rap: Cleveland, House of Blues. The whole House of Blues thing is pretty cheesy you have to admit. They basically take some bar and make it look like an old roadhouse honky tonk. It's very phony and corporate, but in all fairness they always have great production there and the food isn't half bad. Aaron has a particular hatred for the places though and he almost never fails to mention it onstage when we play one. I forget exactly what he said onstage but it was something like, "You know people, there's a lot of mojo in the air tonight, there's a full moon outside, and hell, you factor in all the mojo that the House of Blues has to offer, and, basically that's a lot of mojo." Maybe you had to be there or something, but the sarcasm was killing
me, even by Aaron Freeman standards.

Singular lowest moment of the tour:

Madison, Wisconsin at the Orpheum. This was an amazing show and I didn't want it to end. A great crowd and a fun gig. We were coming back onstage for the encore and some idiot threw something really hard and it hit Glenn in the temple, just to the left of his eye. He had a swollen eye and was bleeding. We didn't start the encore for about ten minutes, we just stood onstage confused about what to do. I'd love to have caught the asshole who threw it at him. I dunno why we didn't just walk back offstage.

My favorite gig:

Montreal, hands down. I don't think we can do it any better. The next night in New Hampshire was almost as good, plus we got to watch the final episode of the Sopranos.

Most bizarre situation:

After the Toronto show Dave Dreiwitz and I wanted to go out, but the club was nowhere near civilization. The Docks is a massive complex and there was a whole other club upstairs and they were hosting a costume party/rave for Russian people only. The promoter of the concert managed to get Dave and I upstairs where there were like 3 thousand Russians getting down to the lamest music I've ever heard. The women were so fucking beautiful that it was almost too much to bear. We were drenched in sweat and still wearing our stage clothes and stood out like a couple of scumbags. Every time I tried to make conversation with a girl it turned into a disaster. After 45 minutes I realized that there was starting to be enormous potential for us getting our asses kicked (or killed) so we bailed out.

Most bizarre venue:

Calgary. This was the most bizarre venue I think I ever played, like ever. It was a sports bar dedicated exclusively to the Calgary Flames.

Greatest venue:

The Aragon ballroom in Chicago is the nicest venue we've ever played (except for Red Rocks, but outdoors doesn't count). I'd be lying if I told you that we don't favor one city over another, it's like, secretly every parent has that one child that they love a little more than the others. Chicago is that way for me. This date had been glaring at me from our calendar since it was first booked. I knew that the room was gigantic, and the venue was loaded with history dating back to the early '20's. Intimidating even after 17 years of touring. When we got there I was in awe of the beauty of this place, then I was told that we were sold out, 4500 advance pre-sales. The gig was stellar, and I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that the Chicago crowds are the best crowds in the world for Ween. The crowd just gave us everything and we tried our best to give it all back. I was so happy after this show that I had to celebrate by hitting the town with some friends. Chicago is still a real city, one of the last few big cities that has everything intact, from the old to the new and everyone takes some pride in it's history. We were privileged enough to see the catacombs beneath the Aragon, where Al Capone had his secret tunnels that lead to some other clubs around town. We also got to see an indescribable room 5 floors beneath the venue, an old speakeasy that had been converted into a virtual playground with a giant pipe organ (which filled the room), the original stage piano (which everyone in the world played on, from Duke Ellington on down), and multi-tiered model train tracks complete with steam and whistles circling the room. It was the most intense thing I've ever seen on tour, and that's saying something. All of this was shown to us by the legendary Jolly Roger, the production manager, who I've been friends with since the mid '90's when he was tour managing Pigface with whom I did a brief stint on guitar. Thank you to all the people at the Aragon and all of the killer fans in Chicago
for one of the most rewarding nights of our career.

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