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2006-04-07 Revolution Fort Lauderdale, FL  
buckingham green, stallion pt.3, piss up a rope, light me up, nan,take me away, touch my tooter, voodoo lady, happy colored marbles, leave deaner alone, baby bitch, roses r free, mollusk, mwyphmp, don't get 2 close 2 my fantay, johnny on the spot, even if you don't, bananas and blow, spinal meningitis, tear for eddie, mutilated lips, freedom of '76, ocean man, fat lenny, capitan fantasy (with Kramer), booze me up, someday
HIV, big jilm, dr. rock

Deaner's Tour Diaries:
we have 3 new crew guys on this tour that we've never met before and all 10 band members and roadies went out to eat the night before the show. typical south florida tourist restaurant. i had a lousy crispy grouper sandwich. the gig was pretty much a nightmare for me, the climate change from pennsylvania to south florida made the neck on my guitar warp 
like a banana. the thing was almost unplayable for the gig. the action is so high i can almost slide my fingers under the strings and the frets look like they're literally popping out of the fingerboard. the gig was plagued by feedback most of the time and aaron's amp blew up during the show. our old friend, bandmate, and label boss kramer came out to the show with his family and sat in on bass for captain fantasy so that was cool at least. you have to have gigs like this from time to time though, maybe we're lucky it's on the first night. everyone at the club was really cool to us and all but it was just one of those shows i'd rather not remember. the club served us chicken francaise for dinner and after the show the empty tray was sittin there with only the sauce left in it, which had coagulated from sitting out all night. it was about 2 inches of oil and solidified butter, chicken skin, and fat. me and one of the bouncers were trying to convince a girl to get down on all fours and lick the butter and fat while we pissed in her shoes but we struck out. kids just don't know how to have a good time anymore. 

2006-04-08   Jannus Landing St Petersburg, FL  
Exactly Where I'm At, She Wanted To Leave, Spinal Meningitis, Take Me Away, Grobe, Waving My Dick, Transdermal Celebration, Even If You Dont, Buckingham Green, Albino Sunburned Girl, Light Me Up, Touch My Tooter, Dr Rock, 'Gener Piss' interlude, Leave Deaner Alone, Roses Are Free, She's Your Baby, Little Birdy, Push The Daisies, Mollusk, Final Alarm, Captain, Puerto Rican Power, Stroker Ace, Goin Gets Tough, Zoloft, Ocean Man, Mr Richard Smoker, Powder Blue, Pandy Fackler, Cant Put My Finger On It, Blarney Stone
What Deaner Was Talkin About, Dont Laugh I Love You, Did You See Me, Back To Basom, Never Squeal on The Pusher

Deaner's Tour Diaries:
spent the show day driving to st. pete and then i had to go across town to have a guy work on my guitar, which was totally fucked by this point. fortunately he knew what he was doing and got it happening for me (temporarily). we had already had 2 really stellar shows at jannus landing and after last night's gig i was looking for redemption, but again, we had an amazing show there. there's just something about this place. it was totally sold out and it was a beautiful night for an outdoor show--the last two times we played there it was pouring rain. after the show i hung out at the adjoining bar talking to people, then me and dreiwitz and gabe walked to the marina and watched an intense lightning storm out over the water. after an hour of that we went back and passed out. i got a cool picture of me at 3am in front of a big lighted sign that says "SPYC", which means "st. pete yacht club". awesome venue, and a really fun show.
2006-04-09   The Moon Tallahassee, FL  

Dont Shit Where You Eat, Spinal Meningitus, Piss Up A Rope, Now Im Freaking Out, Happy Colored Marbles, Take Me Away, The Grobe, Zoloft, Voodoo Lady, The Stallion Pt. 3, Light me up, The Mollusk, Buckingham Green, Did You See Me?, Final Alarm, You Were the Fool, Johnny On The Spot, Touch My Tooter, Stroker Ace, Please Help My Pony, Baby Bitch, Bannannas & Blow, The Stallion Pt. 5, Gabrielle, Dr. Rock, Buenos Tardes, Crowd Banter, Dont Get To Close To My Fantasy, Homo Rainbow, Tried & True, Help Me Scrape The Mucous Off My Brain, LMLYP

Deaner's Tour Diaries:
again, we had another long ass drive on a show day. even though this is a really short tour, the schedule is pretty rough. 4 gigs in a row to start the tour, all with long drives on the show days. on top of it, aaron is recovering from pneumonia. i hadn't had any food for the last 2 days so i was excited to get some take-out after soundcheck. we ended up ordering from some mexican place and their crappy food tore up everyone's assholes and gave us all diarreha. anyway, as it turned out, this gig was a fuckin' blast. the band was really loose, pretty much lettin' it all hang out. we played l.m.l.y.p. for the first time in a couple years and almost on cue the stage just filled up with people, mostly young college girls and the usual loser dudes that are stupid enough to actually believe we want to share the stage with them. the bouncers there were very cool about it, some of them are members of p-funk's road crew so i guess they're used to dealing with people dancing onstage. after the gig i went to the room and passed out in a deep, dreamless black hole of sleep. had to get up in the morning and drive all the way to fuckin atlanta to do it again.

2006-04-10   Tabernacle Atlanta, GA  
Nan, Take Me Away, Freedom Of 76, Wavin My Dick In The Wind, Even If You Dont, Buckingham Green, Albino Sunburn Girl, Roses Are Free, Shes Your Baby, Push Th Little Daisies, Light Me Up, Exactly Where Im At, Leave Deaner Alone!, Doctor Rock, Puerto Rican Power, Stroker Ace, Reggaejunkiejew, Powder Blue, Zoloft, You Were The Fool, Spinal Meningitis, HIV Song, Frank, The Mollusk, Ocean Man, Pumpin It For The Man, Im In The Mood To Move, Gabrielle, You Fucked Up, Sketches Of Winkle, Fat Lenny,
Licking The Palm For Guava, Mushroom Festival In Hell, Piss Up A Rope, Touch My Tooter, Poopship Destroyer  

Deaner's Tour Diaries:
yhis show sold out very quickly and i was looking ahead to it on the calendar all week, although monday night isn't exactly the most rock and roll night of the week. this venue is really fuckin' cool, it's a gigantic old church and the backstage area is like a maze, or something out of spinal tap. stairwells and hallways going in every direction. the dressing room is one of the nicest anywhere (complete with pool table) and they served us an amazing meal before the show. we played a nice, long, totally brown set. the music was good and ugly, reggaejunkiejew, poopship destroyer, etc. the band was super loose and i felt like i could've played all night it was so much fun. afterwards,like 30 or 40 people managed to weasel their way backstage for the usual rock and roll bullshit. the only problem is that my guitar is fucked up again, and i don't really have a backup at the moment. i'm gonna have to hit up a music store when we get to raleigh and buy a cheap mexican stratocaster to beat on i guess. 

2006-04-12   Disco Rodeo Raleigh, NC  

Golden Eel, Baby Bitch, Piss up a Rope, Take me Away, Waving my Dick, Voodoo Lady, Exactly Where I'm At, Mutilated Lips, Roses Are Free, The Argus, Bananas and Blow, Touch my Tooter, You Fucked Up!, Johnny on the Spot, Tried and True *, Scrape the Mucus off my Brain *, Buckingham Green >Captain, I Don't Want It, Spinal Meningitis, Leave Deaner Alone, Zoloft, What Deaner was Talking About, Mollusk**, Ocean Man ***, Pandy Fackler, Someday
Light Me Up, Pork Roll Egg and Cheese, Gabrielle, Doctor Rock, Buenas Tardes Amigo
* Gener and Deaner, acoustic guitar.
** Technical difficulties with keyboards.
*** Gener, mandolin.

Deaner's Tour Diaries:
finally a night off before the raleigh show. went out for thai food and stayed awake late enough to watch the re-run of sunday's episode of the sopranos. got up the next morning and took my guitar to get looked at again. basically the guy couldn't help me, the frets need to be taken out and the neck needs to be planed. so i'm pretty much stuck playing it this way until after we get home. fuck. the gig was at the same place we played years ago when it was called the ritz. now it's called "disco rodeo". it is a strange place and the dressing room is a really bad vibe. only flourescent lights with the walls painted bright yellow, covered in peeling paint and tape. the club itself is strange, try and imagine what a gay, mexican cowboy bar would be like and you'll get some idea. the sound onstage was total shit but we kicked ass nonethless. i was kinda happy to get the fuck out of there to tell you the truth.

2006-04-13   Charlottesville Pavillion Charlottesville, VA  
Exactly where I'm at, she wanted to leave, spinal meningitis, light me up, take me away, Grobe, dont get 2 close 2 my fantasy, waving my dick, mr richard smoker, buckingham green, tear 4 eddie, leave deaner alone, baby bitch, touch my tooter, johnny on the spot, going gets tough, zoloft, bannanas and blow, laura, mollusk, girl from ipenima, voodoo lady, redemption song, stallion (part 5), ace of spades, cant put my finger on it, Aids, Blarney stone,
Common Bitch, Papa Zit, Pandy Fackler, U Fucked up 

Deaner's Tour Diaries:
the last gig of our little mini-tour. we played a place called the pavillion, a massive outdoor venue that 
holds like 5 thousand people, maybe more. between recovering from pneumonia and playing 6 shows in 7 days, aaron had no voice at all and i was wondering how we were gonna pull this one off. it actually turned out to be a lot of fun and kind of changed the direction of the whole set. aaron got all las vegas onstage and we managed to do our normal 2-3 hour show, including a bunch of really rotten cover songs like girl from ipanema, hello dolly, ace of spades, and redemption song. that night we were on the local news. i guess some local people have a problem with the noise coming from the venue and they weren't very happy about some of our lyrics either. i'm just glad to be able to piss people off from time to time still. i want to come back and play this place again, very cool venue. 

2006-05-26   Mexicali Blues Cafe Teaneck, NJ  
nan, take me away, the grobe, freedom of '76, even if you don't, spinal meningitis, light me up, buckingham green, albino sunburned girl, woman and man, wavin' my dick, tooter, stroker ace, big jilm, roses, exactly where i'm at, she's your baby , reggaejunkiejew, pony, licking the palm, mushroom festival, smoker, powder blue, gabrielle, johhny on the spot, zoloft, dr rock, never squeal


mollusk, tear for eddie


2006-05-28   Penn's Landing Philadelphia, PA Jam on the River

Exactly Where I'm At, She Wanted To Leave, Spinal Meningitis, Take Me Away, Transdermal Celebration, Wavin' My Dick In The Wind, Even If You Don't, Buckingham Green, Back To Basom, Light Me Up, Ocean Man, Voodoo Lady, Touch My Tooter, Johnny on the Spot, Puerto Rican Power, Gabrielle, Stroker Ace, Tender Situation, The Mollusk, Dr. Rock, Someday

:: encore::

freedom of '76


2006-06-25   Joe's Pub New York City , NY Gene Ween (solo)

The Joy Diversion hosted by Joy Askew:
Aaron Freeman, Freedy Johnston, & Michelle Shocked

1. Intro - Joy Askew
2. ? - Joy Askew
3. Gener's Gone - Aaron Freeman
4. ? - Freedy Johnston
5. ? - Michelle Shocked
6. Aaron Freeman Interview - Joy Askew
7. Baby Don't Turn Around - Aaron Freeman
8. Freedy Johnston Interview - Joy Askew
9. ? - Freedy Johnston
10. Michelle Shocked Interview - Joy Askew
11. ? - Michelle Shocked
12. ? - Michelle Shocked
13. ? - Aaron Freeman
14. ? - Freedy Johnston
15. Michelle plays bashful
16. Midnight Special - everyone
17. Tried & True - Aaron Freeman
18. applause
19. ? - Freedy Johnston
20. ? - Joy Askew

2006-07-13   Town Ballroom Buffalo, NY  
Porkroll Egg & Cheese, The Hiv Song, Spinal Meningitis, Now I'm Freaking Out, Happy Colored Marbles, Bananas and Blow, Take Me Away, Freedom Of 76, Transdermal Celebration, Even If You Don't, Syd Barrett Tune (Gener Acoustic), Zoloft, Voodoo Lady, The Stallion Part 3, Light Me Up, Buckingham green, Mutilated Lips, Leave Deaner Alone, Johnny On The Spot, Spanish Castle Magic Jam, Touch My Tooter, Stroker Ace, Captain, Ocean Man, Mr. Richard Smoker, Pandy Fackler, I Can't Put My Finger On It


Did You See Me, What Deaner Was Talking About, Someday

2006-07-14   All Good Music Festival Masontown, WV  

Exactly Where I'm At, She Wanted To Leave, Spinal Meningitis, Take Me Away, Transdermal Celebration, Wavin' My Dick In The Wind, Even If You Don't, Buckingham Green, Back To Basom, Light Me Up (Before You Kill Me), Voodoo Lady, Touch My Tooter, Johnny On The Spot, Puerto Rican Power, Gabrielle, Piss Up A Rope, Roses Are Free, The Mollusk, Dr. Rock, Someday, Vince Herman outro


2006-07-21   The Independent San Francisco, CA  
Birthday Boy, Chocolate Town, Tried And True, Mutilated Lips, Dont Get 2 Close, Take Me Away, Grobe, Even If You Don't, Voodoo Lady, Baby Bitch, Light Me Up, Push The Little Daisies, Mollusk, Sketches Of Winkle, Roses Are Free, She's Your Baby,
Waving My Dick In The Wind, Mr Richard Smoker, Reggaejunkiejew, Ocean Man, Buckingham Green, Booze Me Up & Get Me High, Spinal Meningitis, Albino Sunburned Girl, Touch My Tooter, Never Squeal On The Pusher, Hey Bulldog, Gabrielle, Doctor Rock


What Deaner Was Talking About, Final Alarm, Big Jilm, Bananas & Blow, You Fucked Up, Someday


2006-07-22   Greek Theater Berkeley, CA Flaming Lips/Ween/Go!Team
Exactly Where I'm At, What Deaner Was Talkin About, Spinal Meningitis, Stallion Pt 3, Before You Kill Me, Tooter Tease (technical problems), Take Me Away, Touch My Tooter, CPMFOI, Puetro Rican Power, Voodoo Lady, Baby Bitch, Buckingham Green, Captain, HIV, Mollusk, Johnny on the Spot, Waving My Dick, Ocean Man, Dr Rock, Someday


Buenos Tardes


2006-07-23   Theater at Reno Hilton Reno, NV  

Don't Shit Where You Eat, Chocolate Town, Mutilated Lips, Tried & True, I Don't Want It (Deaner electric)

:: Electric::
Don't Get 2 Close, Take Me Away, Transdermal, Waving My Dick, Mr Richard Smoker, Voodoo Lady, Zoloft, Hey Bulldog, Buckingham, Spinal Meningitis, Light Me Up, Piss Up A Rope, Pumpin 4 The Man, Tear 4 Eddie, Baby Bitch, Roses Are Free (Lounge Style/Bob Weir version), Mollusk, Happy Colored Marbles, Bananas & Blow, Pandy Fackler, Ocean Man, Homo Rainbow, Ace of Spades, You Fucked Up

LMLYP (with about 50 women from the audience on stage dancing)


2006-07-25   Les Schwab Amphitheater Bend, OR  

She Wanted To Leave, Spinal Meningitis, Marble Tulip/Juicy Tree, Piss Up A Rope, Happy Colored Marbles, Take Me Away, You Fucked Up, Even If You Dont, Waving My Dick In The Wind, Voodoo Lady, The Argus, Light Me Up, Demon Sweat, Roses Are Free, Tried And True, Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain, Drifter In The Dark, Dont Get 2 Close, Mollusk, Johnny On The Spot, Stroker Ace, Touch My Tooter, Ocean Man, Hey Bulldog, Gabrielle, Doctor Rock, Zoloft, Poopship Destroyer


Bananas & Blow, Leave Deaner Alone, Baby Bitch, Blarney Stone


2006-07-26   Big Easy Concert House Boise, ID  

Golden Eel, Baby Bitch, Spinal Meningitis, Piss Up A Rope, Happy Colored Marbles, Nan, Take Me Away, Grobe, Stallion Pt 5, Buckingham Green, Exactly Where Im At, Mutilated Lips, Voodoo Lady, Bananas & Blow, Springtheme, Waving My Dick In The Wind, Fat Lenny, Goin Gets Tough From The Getgo, Johnny On The Spot, Frank, Booze Me Up, Mollusk, Ocean Man, Hey Bulldog, Pandy Fackler, Cover It With Gas & Set It On Fire, Help My Pony, Cocaine, Gabrielle, Doctor Rock


Roses Are Free (Dance club version), Drop The Bomb, Chant>Cant Put My Finger On It, Ace Of Spades


2006-07-27   In The Venue Salt Lake City, UT  

pork roll, hiv, spinal meningitis, now im freaking out, happy colored marbles, bananas and blow, take me away, transdermal celebration, even if you dont, dont get 2 close, zoloft, voodoo lady, mollusk, piss up a rope, light me up, el camino, buckingham green, captain, stallion pt 3, what deaner was talking about, exactly where im at, leave deaner alone, sweet texas fire, touch my tooter, stroker ace, waving my dick, richard smoker, goin gets tough, ocean man, gabrielle, dr rock, fluffy


help my pony, LMLYP


2006-07-29   Red Rocks Denver, CO Flaming Lips/Ween/Go!Team

Golden Eel, Baby Bitch, Spinal, Light me Up, Marbles, Take me Away, The Grobe, Even if you Don't, Wavin my Dick, Voodoo Lady, Exactly Where I'm At, Bananas and Blow, HIV, Buckingham Green, Captain


The Mollusk, Chocolate Town, Tried and True, Mutilated Lips,

Johnny on the Spot, Dr. Rock, Puerto Rican Power, ICPMFOI, Ocean Man, Reggaejunkiejew, Someday

Blarney Stone


2006-07-31   Val Air Ballroom West Des Moines, IA  

Exactly Where I'm At, What Deaner Was Talking About, Marble Tulip/Juicy Tree, Spinal Meningitis, Stallion Pt 3, Dont Get 2 Close, Help My Pony, Take Me Away, Sweet TX Fire, Roses Are Free, She's Your Baby, Piss Up A Rope, Buckingham Green, Tear For Eddie, Buenas Tardes (Mickey on drums, Claude on guitar), HIV, Leave Deaner Alone, Bananas & Blow, Mollusk, Blarney Stone, Johnny On The Spot, Zoloft, She Fucks Me, Ocean Man, Waving My Dick In The Wind, Homo Rainbow

::encore 1::

LMLYP >Crimson & Clover

(house lights come on, go home music plays),
(lights come back on)

::encore 2::

Ace Of Spades


2006-08-01   State Theater Minneapolis, MN  

She Wanted To Leave, HIV, Spinal Meningitis, Now I'm Freaking Out, Light Me Up, Nan, Take Me Away, Transdermal Celebration, Even If You Dont, Voodoo Lady, Did You See Me, Ice Castles, Eel, Baby Bitch, Waving My Dick, Fat Lenny, Powder Blue, Johnny On The Spot, Buckingham Green, Mollusk, Ocean man, Sketches Of Winkle, Sorry Charlie, Pandy Fackler, Bananas & Blow, Cocaine, Gabrielle, Touch My Tooter


Tried & True, Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain, Drifter In The Dark, Mutilated Lips, Squelch The Weasel, Dr Rock, Someday


2006-08-03   Orpheum Madison, WI  
The Golden Eel, Buckingham Green, She Wanted To Leave, Piss Up a Rope, Take Me Away, Mr. Richard Smoker, Touch My Tooter, Voodoo Lady, Happy Colored Marbles, Bananas and Blow, Awesome Sound, The Mollusk, I Don't Want It, Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down), Freedom of '76, Johnny on the Spot, It's Gonna Be a Long Night, Zoloft, Ocean Man, Mr. Would You Please Help My Pony, Frank, Mutilated Lips, Gabrielle, Dr. Rock, Hey Bulldog, A Tear For Eddie, Baby Bitch


Strap on That Jammy Pac, Booze Me Up and Get Me High, AIDS, Ace of Spades, Buenos Tardes Amigo

2006-08-04   Grant Park Chicago Lollapalooza

exactly where im at, what deaner was talking about, spinal meningitis, stallion pt 3, light me up, take me away, touch my tooter, mr wont you please help my pony, voodoo lady, baby bitch, buckingham green, captain, aids, piss up a rope, the mollusk, ill be your jonny on the spot, waving my dick in the wind, ocean man, dr rock, you fucked up, someday


2006-08-31   The Great Allentown Fair Allentown, PA w/The Flaming Lips and Sonic Youth
2006-09-01   New York State Fair Syracuse, NY w/The Flaming Lips and Sonic Youth
2006-09-15   Cain's Ballroom Tulsa, OK  
Pork Roll Egg and Cheese, Spinal MeningitisNow I'm Freaking OutHappy Colored MarblesBananas and BlowTake Me AwayMister, Would You Please Help My Pony?Even If You Don'tZoloft, Voodoo LadyStallion Pt. 3Piss Up a RopeLight Me UpBuckingham GreenExactly Where It's AtLeave Deaner AloneLet Me Roll ItJohnny On The SpotTouch My TooterStroker Ace> CaptainOcean ManMr Richard Smoker, Pandy FacklerGabrielleDr RockChant> Cant Put My Finger On It 
Booze Me Up and Get Me HighBig JilmAwesome SoundPapa ZitBlarney Stone 
2006-09-17   Zilker Park Austin, TX Austin City Limits Festival
2006-11-29   The Raven New Hope, PA Chris Harford, Aaron Freeman, & Mickey Melchiondo
01. Happy Colored Marbles - Instrumental
02. Boys Club - Instrumental
03. Dig A Pony - Instrumental
04. And I Love Her tease
05. Satellite Angel
06. Happy Colored Marbles - Gener on Piano
07. Be My Eyes
08. You Were The Fool
09. You For Me
10. Now I'm Freaking Out
11. Teach Me (almost)
12. Teach Me (Tull Version) Gener On Piano
13. phil collins
14. Tried & True > Raga Jam
15. Render Me Still
16. interlude
17. To Understand You
18. Baby Don't Turn Around > Easy >
19. Dragonfly

01. Back To Basom
02. Spirit Walker
03. The Glider To The Queen > Red House tease
04. Dig A Pony
05. So Tired
06. Blackbird
07. Piggies (alomst maybe)
08. Cowgirl in the Sand (kinda)
09. Albuqurque
10. Jingle Bell Rock
11. Deck the Halls
12. Dradel Dradel Dradel
13. All Along the Watchtower
14. Stairway to Heaven
15. Dream On
16. I Don't Want to go to Chelsea
17. Baby Give Me One More Chance
18. Pain is Good
19. Baby Bitch
20. Holding On To you
21. Birthday Boy
22. Chocolate Town
23. Tender Situation
24. Piss Up A Rope
25. What We Do Not Know
26. Squelch The Weasel
01. interlude
02. Powder Blue - Gener on piano
03. Sing, Breathe & Be Merry
04. Boys Club (cock tease)
05. ba ba ba baaa baa
06. stop the world
07. pill in my hand
08. i'll keep holding on
09. Woman & Man - Gener on Piano
10. Alphabet Street
11. interlude
12. Leaf of Fall - Chris on Piano
13. Buckingham Green
14. Hold Me, Hold You