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03-04-91 7th St. Entry Minneapolis, MN

The Wind, Captain Fantasy, Nan, Boing, Papa Zit, Weed Whore, Common Bitch, Fat Lenny, Tick, You Fucked Up, Seconds, Gladiola Heartbreaker, L.M.L.Y.P., Purple Rain, Puffy Cloud, Stacey, El Camino.

03-20-91 CBGB's New York City, NY


03-21-91 Court Tavern New Brunswick, NJ (Often mislabeled as 3-23-91)

The Wind, Bumblebee, Seconds, Cover it with Gas..., Sketches of Winkle, Marble Tulip Tree, Tick, Weed Whore, Papazit, Boing, Fat Lenny, Cold & Wet, You Fucked Up, Tastes Good on the Bun, Pork Roll Egg & Cheese (cuts, maybe more was played)

07-14-91 Princeton Community Park North Princeton, NJ  


07-15-91 Court Tavern New Brunswick, NJ Green Lipped Mussels

Shattered (Rolling Stones), Albino Sunburned Girl, Who Built This House of Stone (?Chris Harford), Saturday In the Park (Chicago), I'm Not Like Everyone Else (The Kinks), The Stallion Pt 3, It's a Sad Thing (Chris Harford), That Thing On My Shelf (?Greg Digesu?), The Curious One (Chris Harford), Ace of Spades (Motorhead), Tender Situation

Green Lipped Mussels:
Dean, Gene, Andrew Weiss, Chris Harford, Greg Digesu, & Dave Driewitz (i'm pretty sure Andrew plays drums on this show)

"Claude and Dave had known each other from the days when they were both living in New Brunswick, but Aaron and I met Dave 11 years ago when we played a show with a bunch of friends under the name "The Green Lipped Mussels", which was basically like a white version of Kool and the Gang, which also included our friends Chris Harford and Greg Digesu." -- Mickey

10-12-91 The Wetlands Preserves New York City, NY

Love Will Conquer All, Squelch The Little Weasel, Stacey, Captain Fantasy, Boing, Marble Tulip Juicy Tree, Puerto Rican Power, Tender Situation, Seconds, Reggaejunkiejew, The Wind, The Going Gets Tough From The Getgo (2 failed attempts), Cover It With Gas & Set It On Fire, Sketches of Winkle, You Fucked Up, Fat Lenny, Tick

11-1-91   Eindhoven, Holland  
Nan, Papa Zit, Captain Fantasy, Boing, Up On The Hill, Common Bitch, Birthday Boy, The Wind Is Whispering, You Fucked Up, Tick, Cover It With Gas And Set It On Fire, Fat Lenny, Reggaejunkiejew, Tender Situation, Puffy Cloud, Bumblebee, Seconds, Mountain Dew, When The Going Gets Tough, Pork Roll Egg & Cheese, Gladiola Heartbreaker.