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??-??-90 Maxwell's Hoboken, NJ

Squelch the Weasel, Tick , Seconds , You Fucked Up , Never Squeal , Cold + Wet , Stacey , I Got A Weasel , Papa Zit , L.M.L.Y.P. , El Camino

02-02-90 City Gardens Trenton, NJ

Intro, Squelch the Little Weasel, Common Bitch, Papa Zit, Tick, Nan, You Fucked Up, Housequake (prince cover), Puffy Cloud, El Camino, Henry Rollins rants about Ween

04-18-90 VPRO Radio Station Hilversium, Holland

Interview, You Fucked Up, Tick, Never Squeal, Fat Lenny, Cold & Wet, Common Bitch, Gladiola Heartbreaker

07-26-90 Princeton Community Park Princeton, NJ


10-20-90 Court Tavern New Brunswick, NJ


12-06-90 Court Tavern New Brunswick, NJ


12-12-90 VPRO Radio Station Hilversium, Holland

Interview, Squelch The Little Weasel, Captain Fantasy, Nan, Boing, Papa Zit, Weed Whore, Common Bitch, Fat Lenny, Pork Roll Egg & Cheese, Reggaejunkiejew

12-29-90 Parkhoff Alkmaar, Holland

LMLYP, Tick, You Fucked Up, I Gots A Weasel, Seconds, Papa Zit, Up On Th' Hill, Gladiola Heartbreaker, Common Bitch, Old Queen Cole, Cold + Wet, Never Squeal On Th' Pusher, Common Bitch, Nan, Boing.